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Pottinger and Associates Team
Our Team of Certified Experts Ready to Help with Your Team Building Needs

Pottinger and Associates Consulting is on a mission to change the world one workplace at a time. Our team of certified experts are here to help you crush your goals with strong and cohesive teams. We have a wealth of expertise working within a wide range of industries to include IT, Healthcare, Real Estate Financing, Finance, Public and Private Organizations.

We help our clients to successfully navigate the micro and macro economic factors affecting today's workplace. The we do this is by equipping our clients with cutting edge tools to unlock meaningful insights into the behaviors and preferences of their number one asset: people. Then we engage in knowledge transfer through our 90-minute, half-day and three-day workshops, where clients are able to learn, bond and thrive as a team. Then we offer our continued support to ensure the long-term impact of our programs.

Unlike most other consulting firms, we leverage the use of scientific data to help our clients build strong and cohesive teams, create leaders at all levels of the organization and drive amazing business results.


  • Build Trust on Your Team

    The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Powered by Everything DiSC™ is designed to help team build on of the most fundamental behaviors that will transform team culture: Trust. When team members trust each other they can leverage healthy dialogue, secure commitment and inevitably attain the business results they seek to achieve.

  • Build a Strong Culture with Personal Development

    The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™- Personal Development is Powered by Everything DiSC™ . This half-day session will help team members from across your organization to learn how to be a great team member.

    Members who attend this session will unlock meaningful insights into who they are so they can leverage their strengths and limit the impact of their blindspots on other team members.

  • Develop Leaders

    The insights gleaned from the assessment results as well as Personal Development Session will contribute to the development of leaders at every level of the organization. This will translate in a leadership mindset and behavior that will drive success on the personal and team level.

  • Resolve Team Conflict

    Productively manage team-related conflict in order to gain the strategic advantage. Using Pat Lencioni's approach to conflict manage, members of the team will center their debates around issues and focus less on personal attacks.