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About Us

H-C-H Team
The Award-winning H-C-H Team

Hicks-Carter-Hicks (H-C-H) is an award-winning, full-service performance improvement company. Our firm was established in 1999 by our current president and CEO, Gloria Carter-Hicks. We provide services and solutions to clients throughout the United States.

We specifically partner with clients who want to achieve organizational excellence through improving team performance and creating a highly engaged, diverse workforce. Our customized solutions and services enable clients to exceed their goals, strengthen their competitive advantage, and build better teams. Moreover, the experience and methodology that we use to deliver our solutions and services lead to team and organizational success for our clients and their employees.

Please also visit the following websites about our company: https://www.h-c-h.com and https://www.everythingdisc.com/Hicks-Carter-Hicks.

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Testimonials For Hicks-Carter-Hicks, LLC

  • Because of the efforts of Hicks-Carter-Hicks, the District was able to provide a different approach to how we develop our leadership.

    Vicki Taylor Edwards Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District
  • Hicks-Carter-Hicks possesses expert-level skills for developing diversity and inclusion strategies, facilitating and guiding group meetings, synthesizing information into a useful format, and working with executive leadership teams.

    Mark Murtha Enterprise Bank & Trust
  • I am very pleased with all the services provided by Hicks-Carter-Hicks. Hicks-Carter-Hicks delivers high-quality work on time.

    Dr. Mark Whitmore Westfield Insurance
  • Hicks-Carter-Hicks always brings its A-game.

    Bill Barnhill Greater Cincinnati Water Works
  • They are exceptional in their field, and they deliver outstanding service and results.

    Margie Anderson Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati