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About Us

Paul DePalma, CEO

With an educational background in economics and organization development and more than thirty years of real-world experience, Paul DePalma has brought growth and success to countless businesses, individuals, and nonprofits across the country. A talented facilitator, provocative executive coach, and authentic public speaker, Paul has mastered the ability to bring groups together under a common goal: success.

Paul has served on the board of governors of the Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce and is the former chairman of the Small Business Chamber’s Board of Directors. Passionate about giving back, he has dedicated his time and talent to the likes of United Way, the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Community Food and Outreach Center, and a youth leadership development program in Ukraine.

Testimonials For ADEPT Leadership

  • Our entire management team has participated in ADEPT Leadership® training. We believe we’ve saved 10 times our investment in just four months. Our team has realized greater individual productivity, improved collaboration and increased employee empowerment. I’ve engaged ADEPT to work with my teams for almost 15 years and I continue to be amazed by m

    Bryan Fleming, Vice President, Technical Systems and Business Development T-Mobile
  • ADEPT Leadership® has become a part of our vocabulary here in User Services. Our meetings are now short, focused and much more effective. Our teams are receiving fewer complaints and grievances, all while seeing increased productivity and improved customer approval scores. We now have a common framework to evaluate how well we’re staying ADEPT!

    Jennifer Riggs, Director, User Services Thomas Reuters
  • In eight years, approximately 20 percent of our workforce has participated in ADEPT Leadership®, with over half of them utilizing the virtual “live online” method. This has proven to be a great solution for our remote work teams across the country. The ADEPT process goes beyond learning to create productive new habits and more effective leaders.

    John Saunders, President International Speedway Corporation
  • T-Mobile saved ten times their investment in just four months through greater individual productivity, improved collaboration, and increased employee empowerment.

  • Thomson Reuters reported fewer complaints, improved customer approval scores, increased productivity, and more focused, effective meetings.

    Thomson Reuters


  • Team Reports

    The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ program is designed to help teams become more efficient and effective. But, of course, teams are made up of individuals, so one-on-one relationships can have a big impact on a team as a whole. Comparison Reports are a great tool to use to help team members learn more about one another and improve their individual relationships and, by extension, their ability to work together. Based on data from the personality items in The Five Behaviors assessment, the reports are organized around The Five Behaviors model and illustrate two continua per behavior. Whether
    introducing new teammates, helping to build rapport, or working to resolve interpersonal conflict,
    Comparison Reports can be a great addition to a Five Behaviors program.

  • Progress Reports

    The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Progress Report shows how a team’s performance has changed over time and highlights areas of greatest improvement and greatest decline. It includes the Team Survey Results, Points of Discussion, a Conflict Team Map, an Action Plan that helps the team set goals and identify areas for improvement, and personalized information for each team member. The report, which is included with the purchase of the initial Five Behaviors profile, is created based on a brief follow-up assessment administered to the team after the original Five Behaviors engagement.