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The Foundation to Every Successful Relationship Begins with Understanding Ourselves and Others.

Angela is the owner of Agresto Coaching & Training, the Founder of the Fargo, ND Agile Community, current board member & speaker at the Minnesota Agile Community and continues to regularly mentor professionals on leadership and agility. She created & authored the first-ever interactive training guide for educators, trainers and facilitators, using the 4Cs Brain Based Instructional Design Model and her experiences as a Certified Trainer for Training from the BACK of The Room.

A true visionary and a lifelong learner, Angela has more than 20 years of expertise helping individuals and organizations transform their most valuable assets, people. She is constantly discovering new ways of empowering others to recognize and harness the strengths and skills they already have, to produce the outcomes and attain the goals they aspire to achieve. She demonstrates everyday how leadership, mentorship, and motivation inspires continuous personal and professional development in others, permitting them to achieving high levels of performance and quality.

Angela’s iD style shines through in her genuine ability create a safe space for the conversions clients need to discover and define value in themselves and their work. You will quickly notice her influence and value reach far beyond your anticipated delivery. Angela says, “I want to make a difference in this world by helping my clients identify and embrace their true potential. It is inspiring and empowering to see their mindset shift, allowing them to optimize every opportunity for lasting personal, professional and organization transformation.”

She is adept at coaching, training, team-building, facilitation, and conflict resolution. When you work with Angela, you will immediately notice her ability to adapt to any environment or organization, understand its challenges, tap into its talent with a customized, creative, and innovative approach that will quickly deliver value. Angela strongly believes developing a strengths-based culture can help your organization increase job performance, employee engagement, and productivity. Identifying those strengths will unleash the true potential of your employees and help your organization achieve new levels of success.

If you are passionate about making a difference in your life, or your organization, partner with Angela to demonstrate how to lead with authenticity, empower future leaders and create a lasting cultural shift which will help you navigate the path for

Testimonials For Agresto Coaching & Training

  • I've had the privilege of working with Angela and simply put - she is amazing. Her passion has driven her to do some extremely creative things with her teams. She is always showing me new and innovative ways of getting the best out of a team.

    Rodger Edwards Sanford
  • Angela always provides a positive work experience and is absolutely amazing to work with! I can recall numerous projects where her ability to bring everyone together to collaborate was vital to the success of the organization. Her positive personality radiates and it's not hard to see why she has achieved so much throughout her career.

    Nic Keith WEX
  • Angela is a driven and people focused coach. Her passion for coaching and mentoring is ever-growing and speaks volumes to her character. She has developed a great technique to empower team members to succeed and fail forward. You always learn something new when you interact with Angela. She is one of the top tier coaches I have ever worked with.

    Cal Hofland Clinigen
  • I had the pleasure meeting Angela when I joined the Fargo Agile Community. She was one of the founders there and is truly enthusiastic. She is a great Trainer and an Agile coach. She is very engaging and I learned a lot from her. Angela is true leader, her knowledge and passion for Agile helped me to achieve my own goals in my personal career.

    Danka Grujicic iManage
  • All of our teams were provided the same Agile transformation tools and training, but Angie set herself and her teams apart through her influence, curiosity and desire for continuous growth. There are many contributing factors for this success, but it all falls back to Angie's dedication to self and team improvement.

    Devin Mosbrucker CoreLink Administrative Solutions


  • Effective Teamwork Can Be Your Greatest Competitive Advantage

    Activate Your Team’s Potential
    As the workplace evolves, so do team dynamics. Giving your team the skills they need to work together effectively, regardless of where they are working, is more important than ever.

    The Five Behaviors® solutions can help you activate your team’s ability to drive results through cohesive teamwork, whether it is with our Personal Development solution which helps individuals learn the skills they need to “team” effectively, or our Team Development solution which helps intact teams gain the know-how to work better together.

    Both solutions use the framework of best-selling author Patrick Lencioni’s model for teamwork which focuses on Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. This framework is combined with personalized insights to create powerful, customized, and authentic team development solutions that empowers both teams and individuals to make lasting change.

  • Build a Culture of Teamwork that Creates Results

    It’s time for a new approach to teamwork. In the modern workplace, team members must navigate an environment that is in constant flux. That’s no easy task, and employees must be flexible, socially adept, and relationship-savvy in order to navigate interpersonal challenges and achieve collective
    gains within and across their teams.

    But solid teamwork doesn’t happen overnight, and it’s not necessarily an innate skill. Teamwork
    must be developed and practiced—and it requires the right framework in order to thrive.

    Five Behaviors Personal Development Takeaways:
    - The foundational principles for building a cohesive team based on The Five Behaviors model: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results.
    - How their unique personalities influence their behaviors and the discipline required to overcome barriers caused by natural tendencies that make effective teamwork so elusive.
    - The critical behaviors and interpersonal skills needed to be effective team players on an

  • Create a Culture of Teamwork from Anywhere

    The Five Behaviors® has one mission: to help people build truly cohesive and effective teams that deliver results. Based on Patrick Lencioni’s best-selling story on leadership The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this program focuses on putting The Five Behaviors model into practice. Team members will better understand how they and others contribute to their team’s development, and how their part of the whole can make or break the team and its dynamic.

    Best solution for building team cohesion; resolving dysfunction & building team principles; leadership and development teams; established teams (6+ months); small-medium teams.

    Learner takeaways:
    - The critical behaviors and interpersonal skills needed to work effectively with each other
    - Their team’s overall scores on the key behaviors in The Five Behaviors model: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results
    - Their individual personality style, their team members styles, and how these contribute to the team’s overall