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Christine Kopec
Christine Kopec - CEO, Founder & Facilitator

Since 2009, Avante Leadership Group has delivered Conscious Communication training programs and consultations for thousands of workplace professionals. From production line employees to aerospace engineers (and everything in between), our offerings are consistently rated among the best on-site training programs.

You can be confident that our programs will result in:
• Better communication among employees, managers, customers, and vendors
• Improved employee engagement
• Increased productivity
• Reduced conflict
• Enhanced team performance
• Improved customer satisfaction

Avante Leadership Group brings together a talented group of top-rated trainers, facilitators and consultants from around the country. We’ve “been there” and “done that” in terms of understanding the mindset of today’s diverse workforce. Proven processes and learning methodologies are embedded into each Avante training program, so your valued employees will learn to be as confident with their communication skills as they are with their technical and business expertise.

We are proud to be an award-winning authorized Everything DiSC and 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team partner!

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  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team DiSC

    The program helps teams understand how they score on the key components of The Five
    Behaviors model: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. Individual team
    members will learn about their own personality style and the styles of their team members—based
    on the Everything DiSC® model—and how their style contributes to the team’s overall success.

  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team All Types

    This program helps improve team effectiveness and productivity in organizations that apply tools based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types, like the MBTI® instrument, as their preferred indicator of behaviors and personality.

    Teams will examine how they score on the key components of Trust, Conflict, Commitment,
    Accountability, and Results, as well as understand how each team member’s unique personality style brings value to the team’s overall success.