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Cathy Noice Graham
Five Behaviors of the Cohesive Team Expert

I love making light bulbs go off in my client's heads. The "I never thought of that before" kind of look. What is actually happening is insight. I've helped you uncover something you never realized before. You've made a new connection in your brain. Once you have that insight? You are compelled to take action. When I've created that ah-hah moment? I get goosebumps.

When I work with teams I use the methodology by CRR Global called ORSC™ Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching. There are some incredible tools that create a new understanding on the team. I create a deep empathy between the team members. When you physically "stand in someone else's shoes" it creates a whole new awareness for the team. And once again, I get goosebumps.

I am a speaker for several education companies and an instructor at Duke University. I'm also a certified facilitator for several companies including Franklin Covey and DDI. I've had incredible success with Franklin Covey's 5 Choices for Extraordinary Productivity. The average improvement in productivity for my classes is a 50% jump in productivity. 50%! Again with the goosebumps.

I am a devotee of Everything DiSC and 5 Behaviors of the Cohesive Team. I've been a Wiley Partner for over 5 years. Wiley is constantly improving their products and they are on the cutting edge of making their assessments accessible, innovative and user friendly. They have a wide variety of assessments and I love delivering them or helping others set up a platform to use them. When I create self awareness in others? I get goosebumps.

I love reading books. I take my reading, my travel ,my extensive coaching, and human resource experience and incorporate the ideas into the workplace with my globally read blog. Check in weekly to find out how to be heard in the workplace or how to hone your leadership skills.

Give me a call 919-920-2767 or make an appointment at:

Testimonials For Workplace Navigator

  • Cathy did a wonderful job as facilitator for our leadership Wayne class. She takes the ideas of the DiSC profile and team behaviors and brings them to life. Her ability to get the team engaged during the workshop says a lot about her skills. I would recommend her for your next team building event.

    Jeremy May Market Leader at BB&T
  • Cathy recently lead a team building session using the DISC profile at Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork. She did an outstanding job facilitating by encouraging folks show vulnerability and sharing insights of each personality types. Our team walked out of the session more cohesive and aware of one another. I highly recommend working with Cathy Graham!

    Jennifer Emerson Senior Director of Supply Chain - Rico Products Co. Inc.
  • Cathy led a group exercise called "DiSC Land" at the Impact Business Coaches event in Atlanta a few days ago. It was fantastic! Cathy had the group members divide into their primary DiSC styles and talk about what it was like for each group to interact at work. We also had to put ourselves in the shoes of those whose DiSC styles differed from our o

    Cheri Shumate SHRM-SCP, ACC, PDC Executive Leadership and Physician Coach
  • Cathy provided a wonderful "DiSC" activity for our Coaches Circle in October, 2016. It was both fun (we were up and moving for the activity) and very instructive and gave us all a new perspective on the 4 Styles of DiSC. I plan on "stealing" it for an upcoming client (with Cathy's permission, of course). Thank you Cathy for a great evening.

    Tina Barry Owner, Barry Consulting Group


  • The Five Behaviors of the Cohesive Team, Behavioral Styles-based

    Solution: For an existing team
    Each participant will complete an assessment. This assessment is based around the framework of the 5 Behaviors of a team model with their individual DISC model profile woven in.
    The assessment has three sections and takes about 20 minutes to complete.
    1) Full DISC assessment questions.
    2) Team Survey-Anonymous responses around the team
    3) Team Culture-Questions around the team culture and how it could be improved
    Each participant will receive their own copy and the anonymous results will also be reported to me in an annotated team profile for the facilitation.
    Members will participate in two, two-day workshops spaced approximately one month apart . The framework of the training is easy to grasp however the work is challenging and needs time and space for integration.

    The workshop consists of 7 modules. Each will be opened with discovery around how the group rated themselves on the team survey and culture items. Also, woven into each

  • Five Behaviors of the Cohesive Team - Progress Check In

    This is a half to full day session.
    Progress Report Follow Up
    A team progress report can be completed anytime, ideally within a six to twelve-month period following the initial assessment. Facilitation can run up to a full day. I recommend a six month follow up to assure that all is going to plan and to catch what is going right and change what is not.

  • Five Behaviors Duos

    This can be done with any pair from an existing Five Behaviors of the Cohesive Team facilitation. So it can be team mate to team mate or leader with direct report.

    Using the comparison report with a pair, we view video's of how to adapt to each person's styles. Then we explore the comparison report to determine an action plan on how the pair can work together best and uncover possible stumbling blocks. The session takes about 2 hours. There are then two follow up sessions to keep the pair accountable to their agreed upon actions.

  • New Team Kick Off

    This is a half day session looking at best practices using the Five Behaviors of the Cohesive Team model and facilitation kit. Participants will learn about Vulnerability based Trust, engaging in Conflict, Commitment to decisions, teammate Accountability, and attention to shared results. It's a way to kick off a new team to it's highest results.

  • DiSC Lands Work

    Purpose: 120 minute team facilitation using ORSC methodologies with those familiar with their DiSC style.
    Design the Team Alliance:
    • Creating a culture or atmosphere - the advantage is that if the circumstances change, the atmosphere the team designed will hold together (i.e. if the project changes that atmosphere of collaboration continues).
    • Sharing responsibility - this is what the team members agree to take responsibility for to be counted on for. Co-responsibility and accountability create empowered and empowering systems.
    Lands work :
    • The point of Lands Work™ is for individuals to stretch into a new awareness about how other people perceive reality. This makes it possible for people to evolve not only in their relationships, but also in their individual being. When one can step outside one’s fiercely held positions, culture, and expectations and stand in the shoes of another person in a different reality, then there is the true possibility of personal evolution.