Convergence Solutions, LLC

Experience the true meaning of teamwork with The Five Behaviors™.

About Us

Convergence Solutions, LLC
Oneka Jefferson-Cornelius, CEO and Executive Principal - Convergence Solutions, LLC

At Convergence Solutions, we believe that every experience and every opportunity has the ability to change an organization, however, it is the way these elements are brought together that holds the potential to yield the greatest results.

We take a thoughtful, targeted approach in order to harness organizational dynamics in innovative ways, to bring out the best in leaders and teams.

With our experience and expertise, Convergence Solutions can bring out the best in your leaders and teams.


  • Enabling Healthy Teams

    Teams aren't' made up of people that work together...they're made up of people that TRUST each other. We build custom team experiences that foster open, trusted conversations that takes the best of each individual to build teams that communicate, learn and work together authentically and productively.

  • Team Health Assessment and Coaching

    All teams need a coach, and sometimes teams need assistance to diagnose and create plans that help them move from high performing.

  • Building Team Inclusion and Belonging

    Today's diverse workforce means more than how people present themselves. It means creating environments where people aren't just included...but feel a sense of authentic beloging.