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Corexcel provides hiring tools, assessments, online certificate programs, on-site training and facilitator materials. Our dedicated customer support staff works with our customers to help them select the best solutions for their particular situation. Our customers include local, national and multinational corporations, universities and community colleges, individual consultants and consulting firms, state and federal agencies. We provide our customers the tools to develop individually while excelling professionally.

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Testimonials For Corexcel

  • I have done a lot of these in my life and I would say the ease of getting the products from Corexcel was very good. I would recommend for individuals and large companies depending your specific needs.

    Steve B.
  • Had a huge event that I was facilitating and I had to work through a 3rd party for access to the attendees. Corexcel's customer service was the best I have ever dealt with. They were efficient, clear in communication, willing to resend several times to some attendees, customized the emails they sent, etc. Truly exceptional!

    Karen L.
  • Corexcel Is Awesome! The products that Corexcel has are always very user friendly and easy to understand. The profiles are always right on and the tools to present them to staff are fabulous. I enjoy using them as a trusted resource in my role of HR and also use it in my adult education.

    Christine L.
  • Highly recommended! The entire experience was a breeze and the representative I spoke with was extremely helpful. Will definitely use Corexcel again.

    Beau R.
  • Great service! Great information for our employees to utilize in our company to help identify how they can work with each other better.

    Linda O.


  • Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

    An exciting program based on Patrick Lencioni's book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Corexcel provides all of the materials for you to present the program using your own in-house trainers. However, it's recommended that this program be facilitated by someone who is not employed by the organization. We have you covered. Call Corexcel to have one of our experts facilitate the program at your facility. People absolutely love this program.

  • PXT Select™ Hiring Assessments & Tools

    PXT Select™ is an exciting new hiring tool that makes the entire hiring and selection process much easier. PXT Select will help you streamline the hiring and selection process, minimize bad hire risk, reduce turnover plus lower hiring and training expenses. Add objective, data-driven metrics to your hiring process and drive noticeable improvements in your hiring results.

  • Everything DiSC® Profiles

    Everything DiSC® is a library of assessments designed to help improve communication, resolve conflicts, create effective salespeople and improve management techniques, among other things. Whether it’s workplace, sales, management, leadership or 360° feedback, we have you covered. Visit to see our extensive catalog of Everything DiSC products and services.

  • Conflict Resolution Training Courses & Facilitator Materials

    We offer a wide range of conflict resolution solutions. On our website you will find online courses, trainer materials and participant workbooks that you can use to present professional conflict resolution programs. We also have a broad network of certified trainers that can train your staff or train your trainers. Call Corexcel to discuss options tailored to you!

  • Professional Online Certificate Programs

    Visit the Business Skills Courses section of our website to see our growing catalog of online business courses and professional certificate programs. We offer courses cover Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Cyber Security and much more. All of our online courses are completely self-paced with rolling enrollment. Begin at any time and complete the courses at your own pace!