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Robin Kellogg, Critical Skills Center

"Organizational Health is the number one indicator of company success."
-Patrick Lencioni

The fact is this-cohesive team make better decisions faster. By tapping into the skills and talents of the individuals on a team and creating a framework that guides how a team works together using these skills makes a difference to- of course the team- and also to the whole organization.

Robin has worked with hundreds of people using the Five Behaviors framework and is continually inspired by the insights and discoveries of the people in the room and the stories of long term positive impact.

This program is most successful when working with a skilled facilitator who takes the time to understand the "elephants in the room" before the first team session begins. Team members will be asked to weigh in on the obstacles to success that they see which may be impacting team and even organizational goals.

How can we help take your team to the next level? Contact us to learn about our discovery process and what this program can look like in your organization.

The Five Behaviors Model
Why It Matters


  • From Talented Individuals to Extraordinary Teams

    The Five Behaviors facilitation is best delivered two consecutive half-days with a team building dinner in between.

    This guided facilitated programs uses personal and team assessment information and team interviews are conducted in advance of the session so the real work happens from the very beginning. The team begins working with vulnerability based trust and works their way to collective team results with real action plans. There is a special focus on doing better meetings.

    This program includes a follow up-this is not a one and done, there are real ways to measure progress. Contact me to learn more.

  • Meeting Makeovers


    Are your meetings boring?
    Does the real information come out in the meeting after the meeting?
    Do you leave meetings wondering what you are supposed to do next?
    Did your mind wander to other things during your last meeting?

    If you answered yes to any (or all) those questions it may be time for a meeting makeover. Meetings using the Five Behaviors framework are focused and meaningful. Team members leave clear on who is responsible for what and what the ultimate result is. Contact us to discuss improving your meetings and therefore your team's results.