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You've got GOOD people; enable them to get GREAT results. Develop PEOPLE.

About Us

Sharon Wingron, CPLP
Sharon Wingron, CPLP - CEO - Your PEOPLE Development Partner!

Wings of Success LLC began with a simple idea. It was created with the notion that each person is born with inherent strengths and dreams, which will develop into that person’s unique and meaningful contribution to the world when those capabilities are recognized and fostered. As a thought leader, Sharon Wingron also holds true that in business, there is power and success to be found when leaders are able to align these personal aptitudes with the goals of the organization.

The question is: How?

Wings of Success is dedicated to providing small and large business leaders with the tools, resources and support they need in order to identify, recognize, and align individual strengths and capabilities with organizational goals. We work through our two main brands: DevelopPEOPLE - the services side of the business, and, our online assessment solutions store, to meet these needs. As leaders in the learning and performance profession, we want to provide you with the best solutions available. We are Authorized Partners with Everything DiSC by Wiley, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team by Wiley, PXT Select by Wiley, and the Integro Leadership Institute. Through these partnerships, we provide assessment-based solutions to develop your PEOPLE: Personal Excellence - Organizational Performance - Leadership Effectiveness.

As the leader of your organization, are you confident that you are utilizing the best resources available in order to get the best from your employees and the most for your company?

When you work with us through DevelopPEOPLE and DiSCLearningSolutions, you’ll know that the answer is “Yes.”

Testimonials For DevelopPEOPLE

  • It is always good to have a facilitator that understands how to engage and adjust to the group so to get more discussion created. You did a good job at that! You were upbeat and engaging.

    Team Member Pet Nutrition Company
  • Working with Wings of Success and Sharon Wingron is always an awesome experience. She brings her talents and humor which creates a fun learning environment. She also brings her heart, Sharon wants to and DOES make a difference in the companies she works with. HIGHLY recommend Sharon Wingron.

    Karen Hoffman Founder, Gateway to Dreams; Creator of The Joy of Goals
  • Moving you to your goals with focus and an ability to see beyond the obvious is Sharon's strength. Sharon brings results to your team with intuitive coaching skills that reveal performance gaps and issues. Your path to success in an environment of integrity and respect is delivered every time under Sharon's leadership.

    Liz Weatherhead Benefit Auctioneer Specialist, Kurt Johnson Auctioneering
  • Sharon has a passion for workplace learning and performance and it shines through in her leadership and service to the profession. She balances the long-term strategic vision of the organization with the short-term tactical steps to accomplish that vision, always offering insights, ideas and resources to move swiftly move the organization forward.

    Kimo Kippen Former CLO and VP, Hilton