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About Us

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Why is EdgeWise Different? Why Does it Work?

20+ Years building valuable customer relationships & ground-breaking teams. We "get" it.

Traditional approaches to team development are internally focused. Change the game for your organization by changing the way you play it - and it starts by looking out instead of in.

Get an Edge using your Customer's perspective . Using real-work and customer experiences, powerful tools, & interactive experiences, your team can evaluate individual contributions and the organization through the eyes of your customers, creating insights that resonate with team members.

The results? Your team members will gain a deeper understanding of how customers think & how winning teams interact. Change makes sense internally & externally so it works in the real-world and gains traction more quickly.

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Testimonials For EdgeWise Strategies

  • "Michelle has a way of connecting ​with people that makes an immediate impact. Right after the first workshop I could see changes in how my team was interacting. She didn't just give us information, she showed us how to implement it so it would make ​the difference."

    President, Marketing Solutions Provider
  • "What I learned in this workshop effects everything I do to build my business. It truly changed the impact I have with my internal teams and with customers. A GAME-CHANGER!"

    CEO, Medical Supplies Provider
  • “My team enjoyed the first day so much, I decided to sit in on day two. Comprehensive, helpful, enjoyable, great examples & activities. Very motivating & worthwhile info. Awesome workshop!

    Founder Telecommunications Services


  • Build Powerful Leadership Teams

    Teams that consistently win approach conflict as opportunities to become smarter, stronger & more effective – and it doesn’t have to be complicated. Leverage our proven, actionable solutions to:

    - Identify, clarify & simplify challenges from all stakeholder’s perspectives.
    - Walk your team through healthy & productive conflict deliberation with resolution & unified commitment.
    - Gets results! Your team emerges energized, cohesive, more effective - better!


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  • Resolving Team Conflict

    Using real-world customer and work experiences, we help you provide the skills and tools for team members to:

    - Turn difficult conversations, conflict, incompatible processes and competing objectives into opportunities to fuel creativity, innovation & success.
    - Benefit from cross-functional learning and perspectives, and share work & customer experiences.
    - Contribute to building a healthy, fulfilling, customer-connected team and create competitive advantage!


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