Grace Strategic Services, Inc.

Great Teamwork Is Possible. Yours Can Become a Great Team.

About Us

Ted Davis, President & Owner, GSSI
Ted is an experienced and certified trainer, coach, and speaker.

Our Mission: Success through Improved Performance

We deliver actionable information and customize interventions that improve personal, team, and organizational performance. Performance drives success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a value-added partner who gets results, inspires growth, and fosters excellence. We have two measures of success: the success of our clients and associates and living our core guiding principles daily. We are successful when our clients and associates recognize us as a “partner-of-choice.” We will model a servant’s heart, a scholar’s intellect, a leader’s discipline, a mentor’s encouragement, and a winner’s focus. Our clients grow professionally and personally because we provide a competitive advantage in planning, training, coaching, and management support. We strive for realistic growth of our company and share our success with customers and associates.

Our Values

Pursue Excellence: Our customers deserve and expect quality analysis and advice. We pay attention to details while seeing the “big picture.” We continue to learn and to share our knowledge and insights with others. We associate and work with other professional service providers who share our standards of excellence. We are a learning organization.

Be Forthright: Our ethical behavior is not a “sometimes thing.” Regardless of the circumstance, we treat the customer with honesty and commitment. We are quick to praise and to share good news. However, we do not shrink from giving unpopular and dissenting opinions, when necessary.

Be Thankful: We consider our work to be a “calling” and accept its challenges and rewards with humility and graciousness. We appreciate and never forget the source of our blessings.

Be Persistent: Quick solutions are fine when they are the right solution. We diligently and persistently pursue the “right” solution, even when it is difficult. We face the tough challenges of business with optimism. We deal with difficult decisions and manage today with a focus on our future.

Our Four Areas of Client Services

Clarify Strategies: Envision the future and know how to achieve desired success.

Align Systems: Ensure everyone is pulling in the same direction.

Grow Leaders: Everything depends on effective leadership.

Engage Employees: Engaged employees are motived, productive, and valuable.

Testimonials For Grace Strategic Services, Inc.

  • Ted Davis and the Five Behaviors workshop made us a stronger, more productive, and more resilient team. We overcame team challenges, built trust, committed to each other and shared goals, and became more comfortable with accountability. Our leadership team is healthy, focused, effective and unified in our mission and team leadership.

    Kasey Robinson Lead Pastor, Westside Family Church Leavenworth


  • Clarify Strategies

    We have facilitated over sixty strategic planning projects for both for-profit and non-profit organizations. Many of these plans guided the organization through radical market and industry changes. Many of our non-profit clients had to change their business models because of changes in federal, state, and local government funding. We introduced the use of balanced scorecards and quarterly business reviews to many clients, and they have empowered increased productivity, better accountability, and financial success.

  • Align Systems

    We have worked with twenty executive teams to improve cohesion and trust and to optimize their teamwork for the organizations success. Additionally, each time we facilitated a strategic planning project, we have worked with functional executives and heads of departments to cascade the enterprise scorecard to their level and below.

  • Grow Leaders

    We have worked with clients to develop over thirty customized training programs; these have been one-day programs and year-long programs. For each client who engages in a comprehensive program, we help them define a unique leadership model that includes a company-specific definition of leadership, description of desired leadership traits, and delineation of needed leadership competencies. Several clients have used their customized leadership training programs annually to train new leaders.

  • Engage Employees

    The hallmark of our employee engagement programs is our customized employee survey. We have seen clients radically improve the organizational culture, and the organization’s key financial and human resource metrics improve after acting on the issues discovered by the survey. We helped executives understand how many employees are fully or partially engaged with the company and how many are disengaged and why. Many clients repeat the survey annually or every two years. One client has conducted the survey six times over a ten-year period. The follow-on services have included leadership training and executive coaching.