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Maria Birkhead, Idea-Catchers, Llc
Maria Birkhead, CPF

Since 2001 Maria Birkhead, President of Idea-Catchers has fostered the revitalization of countless organizations across the nation - enhancing communication, building relationships, and fostering breakthrough team performance. Maria is a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) with the International Association of Facilitators and the author of "An End to Meeting Madness" How to lead focused, energized, interactive meetings that build teamwork, reduce stress, and deliver breakthrough results. As a Wiley Authorized Partner, and an Accredited Facilitator for The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®, Maria brings a powerful research-based team assessment tool to your meeting table. Equal parts detective, translator and reformer, she will help your team turn your big, audacious goals into a well-documented roadmap to success. Idea-Catchers can take your organization from where you are to where you’re meant to be.

Testimonials For Idea-Catchers Llc

  • With everyone’s ideas and opinions on the table, we have been able to determine what is really important to this organization and our decisions and future will be the better for it.

    John Gladden Executive Director, Delta Dental of Oklahoma
  • Maria Birkhead masterfully led us through an organization changing experience. We were energized and had fun at the same time. More importantly, we now have a strategic management team in place composed of staff and board that looks at the plan's action steps on a quarterly basis.

    Carol Wilkinson Troy Former Executive Director, Center for Nonprofits
  • "Maria and I will always work together, no matter where I go or what I do"

    Peter Dolese Executive Director, Arts Council Oklahoma City


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    You've got a job to do, a company to run, a mission to fulfill. You hired the right people and gave them the tools to succeed. So what's the problem? You ask for their input, and you hear crickets. You launch a new initiative and it's quicksand. Maria Birkhead of Idea-Catchers along with The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ can help. Together, we can fix this. We've got a formula that works.

    It's not a pipe dream. Your team can...
    -make better, faster decisions
    -tap into the skills and opinions of all members
    -avoid politics, confusion, destructive conflict
    -create a competitive advantage
    -have fun accomplishing great things!


    Five Behaviors Introduction

The Five Behaviors® Certification

Gain the confidence and expertise to help organizations build trust, transform culture, and Rise Together™

Building teams in today's work environment is more complex than ever. Yet it’s teamwork that remains the ultimate competitive advantage.

As a Five Behaviors® Certified Practitioner, you'll have the power to create a culture of teamwork, with high performing teams that elevate the entire organization and drive results.

The Five Behaviors® Practitioner Certification course is a virtual, two-week, learning experience designed for practitioners who want to deepen their level of expertise in The Five Behaviors.

You'll Learn

  • A deep understanding of The Five Behaviors model and key principles.
  • In-depth discovery of The Five Behaviors solution portfolio: Team Development and Personal Development. Weekly 90-minute instructor-led sessions
  • How to customize and deliver impactful Five Behaviors learning experiences to address your unique training needs.
  • Facilitation techniques while receiving feedback from your peers in a supportive environment.

Upon successful completion of the exam, participants will earn the credential of The Five Behaviors Certified Practitioner, signaling proven competence in shaping cohesive and high-performing teams—knowledgeable in the language of The Five Behaviors.


Upcoming Classes

  • November 28 – December 07, 2023

    Live virtual sessions on November 28, 30 and December 5, 7 from 9-11:00 AM Chicago (3-5:00 PM London)
  • January 10 – January 19, 2024

    Live virtual sessions on January 10, 12, 17, and 19 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM Chicago (4-6:00 PM London)
  • February 06 – February 15, 2024

    Live virtual sessions on February 6, 8, 13, and 15 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM Chicago (4-6:00 PM London)
  • March 11 – March 20, 2024

    Live virtual sessions on March 11, 13, 18, and 20 from 1-3:00 PM Chicago (7-9:00 PM London)
  • April 09 – April 18, 2024

    Live virtual sessions on April 9, 11, 16 and 18 from 1-3:00 PM Chicago (7-9:00 PM London)
  • May 07 – May 14, 2024

    Live virtual sessions on May 7, 9, 14 and 16 from 10:00 AM-12:00 PM Chicago (4-6:00 PM London)
Ready to Get Certified?


  • Five Behaviors Certification
  • IAF Certified Professional Facilitator
  • Wiley Authorized Partner
  • Boardsource Certificate of Nonprofit Board Consulting