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Managing Partner, Sanel Kostic
Founder & Managing Partner, Sanel Kostic

We cultivate teams that are intrinsically motivated, self-directed, and strive to achieve dramatically transformative outcomes — achievements that alter the very DNA of the organization while considering both financial and human elements of the organization.

Our approach is anchored in nearly 40 years of research, psychology based effectiveness tools, and substantial results across 12 Fortune 500 organizations spanning technology, media & entertainment, chemicals, consumer products, automotive, and aerospace industries.

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High Performance Teams


  • Culture Transformation

    Culture as a stand-alone is an abstraction — difficult to pinpoint, let alone measure, and is frequently viewed as a lower priority, yet missed financial targets, inability to get things done, low engagement scores, poor morale, and high turnover continue to carry tremendous costs for the organization.

    At Illumia, we know we are on to something powerful and impactful. We deploy mindsets, habits, and behaviors (MHB) to dramatically improve organizational performance. Our approach is not a project, initiative, or latest flavor of the month, but rather a way of life that transcends both professional and personal elements.

    Grounded in practical leadership experience, psychology centric effectiveness tools, and assessments backed by 40 years of research, we deliver a fully transformative experience. For those that do embark on this journey with us, we promise a step change that will drastically improve results across both human and financial elements of the organization.

  • High Performance Teams

    The notion of teamwork is often misconstrued as code to get along while ignoring the perils of low trust, poor commitment, lack of accountability, and misalignment across the team. These topics frequently remain unaddressed and continue to perpetuate a cycle of subpar team and organizational performance.

    At Illumia, we deploy a transparent approach to illuminate and constructively address these challenges. Our approach is grounded in Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Behaviors model for teamwork, which has been successfully delivered for over 15 years across thousands of organizations.

    Our practical leadership experience, structured methodology, and research-backed assessments allow us to objectively illustrate the current team dynamics, tactfully break down barriers to success, and organically create the conditions required to enable high performance teams.


    5 Behaviors of Highly Cohesive Teams
  • Leadership Development

    We are on a mission to create a highly selective development program that benefits the organization and individual. Illumia’s approach is highly structured and balances experiences, training, and coaching while embedding theory, thought leadership, and simulated environments that are aligned with organizational priorities, while in parallel developing accountability mechanisms to enable substantial results.

    Our proprietary tools allow us to align desire, potential, and capabilities with organizational needs, which when combined with performance track record, and our practical leadership experience provides for a high probability of joint success for both organization and individuals.

  • Change Management

    Ineffective change management carries both financial implications and collateral damage associated with yet another failed initiative. We find that organizations simply fail to develop and activate the appropriate mechanisms from the onset all the way through to execution and sustainability stages of change enablement.

    At Illumia, we believe that change also brings the greatest opportunity, and that with adequate and proactive planning organizations can pre-empt change management pitfalls, enable successful transformations, and deliver sustainable results while in parallel creating momentum and expectations for future initiatives.

    We operate in a player/coach capacity while deploying multi-prong change management through structured, practical, and incisive methods that allow us to surgically hardwire the change, maintain relentless focus on execution, and ultimately enable success and sustainability of the transformation.

  • Professional Coaching

    Our methods blend theory, psychometrics, and executive leadership experience across some of the most prestigious Fortune 500 organizations in the World. We demystify the concepts and help our clients develop competencies required to operate at the highest level of the organization.

    The outcome, when combined with structured career management and deliberate action provides for a powerful combination, in turn enabling our clients to unlock potential, accelerate performance and achieve dramatically transformative outcomes.

  • Profiles & Assessments

    Illumia is very proud to partner with the Wiley organization and its Everything DiSC®, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, and PXT Select™ family of products. As an authorized partner, we are equipped to both facilitate sessions and certify our client practitioners.

    Our assessments are designed to help people better understand themselves and others. Whether deploying psychometric based talent selection, improving working relationships, strengthening management skills, or tackling conflict with a new mindset, our aim is to deliver insights and strategies designed to meet our clients’ unique needs.

    For nearly 40 years, Wiley has been a trusted thought leader in this space and in today’s environment 1 million people experience these products every year to improve the quality of their workplace and interactions with others.


    Everything DiSC Introduction
  • Talent Selection

    Poor hiring decisions can be costly – both in terms of quantifiable financial impact of recruitment, training, selection and just as importantly a bad hire’s morale and productivity impacts on the remainder of the organization.

    We help our clients avoid these costs by delivering powerful insights that make the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter. Powered by the latest in candidate assessment technology, Illumia leverages PXT Select™, an innovative, data driven, and multi dimensional assessment that helps organizations of all sizes effectively select, onboard, coach, and develop their team members.

  • Executive Coaching

    We operate as a trusted sparring coach across technical, human, and vision to execution elements of executive performance. This includes financial and metrics related results, high performance teams, and overarching guideposts linked to executive progression.

    Illumia complements the traditional inquiry method through incisive assessments, leading practices, highly effective frameworks, and a demonstrated track record across some of the most prestigious Fortune 500 organizations in the world.

    The outcome, when combined with proactive career management and deliberate action, provides for a powerful combination in turn enabling our clients to unlock potential, accelerate performance, and achieve dramatic outcomes.