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We invite you to partner with us to create an organizational culture to:

-Inspire and engage people because they are valued and encouraged to grow
-Develop bench strength in current and future leaders
-Attract high performing employees and experience less unwanted turnover
-Achieve results that exceed expectations

Our executive coaches combined experience brings you expertise in nearly every industry:
Fortune 500 Businesses
Small Businesses

Because of our diverse backgrounds and leadership experience, we go beyond the typical executive coaching experience. We’ve worked and led in organizations like yours. We know what it’s like day to day. We partner with you to create coaching solutions that address your unique needs, regardless of your size or structure.

At Impact Business Coaches, we not only help you create environments to attract the best talent, we also partner with you to increase performance, develop your leadership bench strength, and give you a better return on your investment with your teams.

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Testimonials For Impact Business Coaches

  • Cindy is an extraordinary leader and I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with her. Through her talents and passion for developing others, Cindy has made a deep and long lasting impact on my life. For anyone who wants to grow and make a positive difference as a leader, I highly recommend Cindy and her team.

    Rob Smith Vice President and General Manager at Tindall Corporation
  • Cindy Lamir is one of the most influential leaders that I have ever had the pleasure of learning from and working with. Her ability to challenge yet preserve one's spirit, listen and support without judgment, and give without expectation in return has been the greatest gift I've received in my professional career.

    Kristi Brown Economic Development Consultant at TVA
  • I attended Cindy's Registered Corporate Coach program to become a business development coach inside my law firm. The program was fantastic, and Cindy is an absolute delight. Her one-on-one coaching with me was stellar, and I wish she was still coaching me. I highly recommend her and am happy to provide more detail to anyone who wants it.

    Valerie Nelan Business Development Manager at Baker Donelson Law
  • Cindy has the unique ability as a trainer and a presenter to be a subject-matter-expert, yet incorporate all of the class feedback and opinions in a non-biased manner. Taking the Registered Corporate Coach curriculum with Cindy's guidance was a life-altering experience for me and I attribute much of that to Cindy's skills and knowledge.

    Heidi Lumpkin Director of Instructional Design at Ricoh Americas Corporation
  • Cindy provides our company with the DiSC program materials, which are a great value. Besides that, I have attended her coaching certificate program which was very well done and she also provided support and encouragement as I earned my certification. She is great to work with and really cares about her clients.

    Michelle Brockman Training and Development Manager BMW Manufacturing


  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Behavioral Styles-based

    The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Powered by Everything DiSC® helps teams understand how to apply The Five Behaviors™ model of Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results to their work culture. By utilizing Everything DiSC, a tool that helps build effective team communication and relationships, this program allows participants to learn about their own DiSC style — D: Dominance, i: Influence, S: Steadiness, and C: Conscientiousness — and discover how each style brings value to the team.


    Patrick Lencioni on Teamwork
  • Impact Team Program

    We facilitate workshops for intact teams and work groups to build cohesive teams. We help team members understand how they collectively score on the key components of The Five Behaviors model: trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results. Each individual on the team will also understand their own behavioral style and their team members’ styles, as well as how their style contributes to the strengths and challenges of the team.

    Team members create an action plan to ensure that they are applying the concepts learned during the time together. The action plan and accountability ensures that team members take what they learn with them when they leave the program.