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Whether one-on-one coaching for professional and personal development, improving working relationships, strengthening management skills, elevating leadership impact, tackling conflict with a new mindset or developing emotional intelligence to build a thriving agile culture – I can help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

With decades of real-world executive & C-suite experience in organizations of all sizes, I am here to help you make meaningful change happen. Let’s talk about how Innovations Consulting can help!

Innovations Consulting Introduction


  • The Five Behaviors® For Personal Development

    The Five Behaviors® Personal Development solution teaches individuals to become better teammates by integrating Patrick Lencioni’s model at the organizational level. Designed specifically to work for individuals, participants do not need to be part of the same team. Any participant can benefit from this program and adopt its powerful principles, shape behaviors, and create a common language that empowers people to rewrite what it means to work together.

    Best Solution For:

    Helps individuals to better understand themselves and their roles within a team through the principles of The Five Behaviors

    Creates and scales a culture of teamwork and collaboration

    Designed for anyone to use

    Up to 30 participants

    No tenure requirement

  • The Five Behaviors® For Team Development

    The Five Behaviors® has one mission: to help people build truly cohesive and effective teams that deliver results. Based on Patrick Lencioni’s best-selling story on leadership The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this program focuses on putting The Five Behaviors model into practice. Team members better understand how they and others contribute to their team’s development, and how their part of the whole can make or break the team and its dynamic.

    Best Solution For:

    Helps participants better understand themselves, the personalities on their team, and how they can effectively work together

    Builds cohesiveness within intact teams

    Created for intact teams

    5-12 participants

    Designed for teams with a 6-week minimum tenure