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Serving leaders who make a difference by BEing the difference!

Our environment has been moving from an industrial-driven, command-and-control environment to a knowledge-driven, relationship-based one. According to the Center for Creative Leadership: 86% of Senior Leaders say that working across boundaries inside/outside their companies is extremely important… just 7% say they are very effective at it.

At Inspired Action Motivates, we partner with organizations in leveraging their leadership teams by aligning their practices with their desired essence, helping teams get out of their own way. We enable an experiential environment that is conducive for collective wisdom, building relationships, cultivating ownership and co-creating opportunities for your organization. My strategy for your group is to align your practices with your desired outcomes while doing your very best work collaboratively. Utilizing the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team program is a great way to curate fertile ground for this development.

Let’s join in creating an environment that nurtures the human spirit while simultaneously achieving business results.

Testimonials For Inspired Action Motivates

  • “I’ve worked closely with Bernadette for well over 10 years on many organizational wide projects. Bernadette has also assisted me with group process as we were forming a new team that would have the responsibilities of managing our core system. When it comes to coaching and developing others or organization development, I highly recommend her.”

    Julia Taylor-Young Organizational Change and Leadership Development Consultant
  • Bernadette is an outstanding group facilitator. She truly understands group dynamics and offers a depth and breadth of skills that moves participants to desired results. Her engaging presence, high level of knowledge and masterful facilitation are powerful. I turn to her regularly for advice about facilitation. A great resource, indeed!”

    Grace Menzel Leadership Coach and Consultant, Career and Performance Coach
  • "Bernadette has a unique ability to see between the lines and make connections between disparate problems and thoughts quickly, and to work in collaboration to identify solutions that make sense and achieve results.”

    Vicky Jarosz Principal Consultant/Owner BEI Consulting
  • Bernadette leads by example with enthusiasm, dedication and inspiration. Bernadette’s leadership has been invaluable to the growth and success of many organizations and teams. She is a fabulous facilitator who engages the group and gets you thinking way outside of the box. I would highly recommend her for helping any team who wants to go higher!

    Ellen Kent Office Supervisor at State of Michigan



    Often leaders share with me the pockets of aloneness that is felt in this role of leader. Feeling that they are on this path by themselves…sometimes needing someone to bounce ideas…test assumptions…to brainstorm…to advise.

    Introducing, The HUDDLE: a new way to grow as a professional, excel in your goals, build a powerful network, and support others on a similar path! A HUDDLE Session is like having your very own pop-up advisory board or mastermind session. It's a great way to share what you are working on with others and get solutions, resources, thought provoking questions, new perspectives and support.

    Participants have the opportunity, to gain support, share challenges, receive ideas, garner solutions that enriches their organizations, anchors discoveries, and builds self-assurance as leaders.


    Excellent communication is essential to the success of any professional who wants to build effective relationships. An essential component within communication is being able to give as well as receive feedback in a helpful, healthy way. In this interactive session, we explore the key elements that will create a feedback -rich environment that strengthens relationships by conveying a sense of caring and commitment that enables the best future work.


    Today’s environment, change is the only constant. So how do you prepare yourself and your organization to not just survive but thrive in times of change. In this interactive session, we will explore strategies that test assumptions about change by understanding change is external and transition is internal. Transition is the state that the 'change' puts people into. We will also challenge the typical management mindset and build the resiliency muscles so leaders can lead change and manage transition with confidence.