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Jennifer Moore
School Well-Being Expert Jennifer Moore, Ed.D.

Dr. Jennifer Moore has spent her 20+ year career as a classroom teacher, teacher coach, and principal, helping schools define and meet the needs of children, their families and their communities. From building curricula that work with students’ developmental stages to providing educators and parents with the resources they need to nurture confidence, security, and an intrinsic love of learning, Dr. Moore has touched every part of education and found that the best learning environment is one where everyone has a voice. Her work has mostly been in schools that have a significant percentage of students living in poverty. Over the last several years, her priority has been the well-being of both children and adults in school communities.

Testimonials For Moore Well-Being

  • I had the pleasure of working with Jenn at the Academy for Global Citizenship. In her role as the principal of AGC, the staff and students were always a priority for Jenn. She was always professional in her demeanor and accepted any challenge no matter how difficult.

    Danny, a colleague
  • Jenn proved to be a thoughtful and intentional leader and colleague. She pushed my practice through poignant questioning and a true care for the wellbeing of all those she worked with and worked for.

    Trey, a colleague
  • Working with Jenn is inspiring, she feeds my thinking, and helps me consider all that is possible. Jenn makes incredible things happen. From supporting school leaders to coaching teachers, her approach is refreshing, informative, and inspiring.

    Lisa, a colleague


  • Building Cohesive Grade Level/Departmental Teams

    Teachers are often expected to participate in deep collaboration with one another and they may not be aware of how to make that collaboration healthy and productive. By learning more about how they work with others, then learning the skills necessary for collaboration, teachers can create strong relationships that are focused on their own success as well as student success.

    Team members first take the Everything DiSC questionnaire, then I generate reports for the team that provide them with their results. The team learns more about themselves and how they interact with the team, seeing the areas in which they are already strong and then the areas in which they can develop. This is a marvelous tool to help teams systematically move from surviving to thriving. Teams are given the support to help them develop new skills and ways of working that dramatically shift dynamics.

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