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The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Authorized Partner® Jim Simpson

We help business leaders increase profitability by maximizing employee performance and best practices.
Jim Simpson has been assisting clients achieve their business goals for over 26 years. Specializing in leadership and organizational development, Jim helps business leaders identify their needs and create an effective plan that attains measurable results.
While spending 43 years in the retail automotive industry, Jim experienced all dealership positions including Vice President and General Manager. He managed two of the largest Chrysler dealerships in the nation attaining success by developing high-performance teams who became among the best in the nation.
Jim was a 14 year member of Vistage Michigan, the world’s largest and most successful organization of CEO’s. He became a Chair for Vistage and moderated 3 groups of business owners. The experience gained as both a member and Chair of this illustrious group helped Jim hone his coaching ability to the advantage of his clients.

Testimonials For J Simpson & Associates

  • He has been a pillar of strength since my father’s passing. He is not afraid to speak the truth. He is a great teacher who I consider one of my closest friends. He has guided me through some very choppy waters with my siblings and we are all much better off because he tells it as he sees it. He is a true mentor for me.

    Tom Fabri, President of Commercial Building Maintenance
  • Jim has been a sterling asset to LECMPA as a consultant, advisor and member of our Board of Trustees. We are a non-profit specialty insurance company, operating in 48 states, with an independent sales force of approximately 400, also in all states. Jim’s experience in management and leading sales forces has been invaluable to the company and to me.

    Susan Tukel, President LECMPA
  • I had the privilege of working with Jim since the mid 1980s. This was early in my consulting career and it became obviously very quickly why Jim was successful managing the largest and by all counts most respected Chrysler Corporation dealer in the network. I have since teamed with Jim on consulting projects and the values that he espoused.

    Dean Estep, The Change Agent


  • Team Building

    Jim takes team building to the next level with the tools that he utilizes. Whether it’s
    working with large automotive groups or a nation wide insurance company, Jim brings
    teams together to work more efficiently. Using Lencioni’s book, “5 dysfunctions of a team”
    we are able to break down how the team is working together currently and what areas are
    needed to be worked on. We work step-by-step with you and your team to help focus on
    the problems such as lack of trust or unproductive conflict, to better understand the
    situation. Then we create an atmosphere built around a fun and exciting work
    environment where everyone achieves success.

  • 5 Dysfunctions of a Team

    The Five Dysfunctions of a team is used for practical information for building teams. Jim walks through it with your team to determine they have characteristics of a high performing team and if not? That’s when he utilizes his assets to create one. This book has helped Jim take underperforming teams to turn them into highly motivated and profitable businesses.

  • Executive Coaching

    Jim Simpson has over 23 years as a consultant and he strives to help businesses succeed. Helping business leaders increase profitability is Jim Simpson’s specialty and he does this by maximizing employee performance and best practices. A Forbes article recently published claims that business coaching isn’t going anywhere. Business owners are always looking for more ways to succeed and that’s why Jim Simpson is in the business of helping others.
    Individual coaching for accountability, goal setting and delegation skills; the most critical skills for leaders. Jim works with clients in person, he has amassed over 4000 hours of 1-2-1 coaching.

  • Strategic Planning

    Strategy is very important and that is why we have found an effective approach with our
    1-2-1 coaching along with team development. If you are a small/medium size business
    that are stuck, struggling or even if you have too much business, we can help with your
    We meet with you to understand where you are right now as a team/company vs. where
    you want to go. We need to identify what’s important within your organization, that will in
    turn help us determine the best path to take. Outlining your objectives to achieves said
    destination is key, to visually set out steps will help the team see the bigger picture.