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CEO & Founder, Laura A. Davis & Associates, Inc.
Developing agile emotionally intelligent leaders, cohesive teams, and attracting & retaining talent

Laura Davis, MCC, BCC, MBA
We help attract, retain, and develop leadership talent. Productive conflict and teamwork create healthier workplaces.

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► Senior leadership and executive teams
► Senior leaders, mid-level leaders, project teams
► High-potential, emerging leaders

We help leaders of growing, progressive companies build corporate cultures that attract, retain, and revitalize talent for the 21st century. For 20 years, we have assisted mid-sized and large companies, governmental agencies, and educational institutions to improve their leaders' effectiveness, reduce conflict, and improve team performance and communication.

THE RESULTS OUR CLIENTS EXPERIENCE: Here is a small sample of results our clients have achieved while working with us:
• Growing software development company increased employee engagement scores and trust levels by an average of 30% in 6 months
• Fortune 500 company improved communication and leadership effectiveness by 250% over 3 years
• Senior Director at Fortune 100 company increased his leadership effectiveness, influence, and confidence in communication by 40% in six months
• Government leader renewed their level of confidence by 35% and achieved a desired promotion in 6 months
• Mid-level Team Leader at a Fortune 500 company reported 55% reduction in time spent managing unproductive team conflict within 60 days
• Clients report mindset and skill set shifts that enable them to be more productive with less stress

• Senior Team Alignment - assessments, training, and coaching
• Employee Engagement Tools
• Flexibility and Trust Surveys
• Team Trust Assessments, Training, and Individual Debrief/Coaching
• Executive Coaching
• Executive Round Tables
• Leadership Development Programs
• Personality/Behavioral Style Assessments: DiSC, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, etc.
• 360 Degree Assessments
• Leadership Training/Facilitation
• Emotional Intelligence Training/Coaching
• Coaching Skills Training

Introduction to the Five Behaviors
Healthy/Unhealthy Behaviors in Conflict
Results of Unproductive Conflict