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Lorie (Guthrie) Phair
Lorie (Guthrie) Phair

LePhair Associates provides employee assessments, training and consulting services to businesses that appreciate their people are essential to their success. We strive to help businesses achieve breakthrough results in their company performance.

Our customized sales, service and leadership development training programs, combined with an advanced assessment information process, helps companies get the right person in the right job, develop processes to train, coach, manage and motivate them to greater success and
overall productivity .

After 25 plus years in leadership positions within the property casualty insurance industry, Lorie Phair founded the consulting practice in 2006. Together with her team of professionals, we work with our clients to help them increase sales effectiveness, improve customer service and develop their leadership talent. We provide a complete solution for organizations looking to develop high performance business development and customer service teams.

Our clients range from owner managed businesses through to international corporations and we work extensively within the sales and professional service industries.

Our services can help you to:

• Build outstanding sales and service teams that consistently deliver results.
• Improve communication and relationships between employees and their managers.
• Select people best suited to succeed in any position in your organization.
• Build a culture of accountability and responsibility throughout your organization.
• Develop appropriate career paths for employees.
• Reduce employee turnover and absenteeism.
• Optimize employee engagement by understanding what’s really going on with your people.
• Create succession plans and develop future leaders.

Testimonials For LePhair Associates Ltd.

  • “It has been a pleasure to work with Lorie and her team at LePhair Associates on our sales talent development project. With a collaborative and accommodating nature, Lorie effectively manages challenges and always ensures that clients’ needs are fully met. I would highly recommend Lorie as a skilled business professional that gets results."

    Lisa White Director, National Relationships, Northbridge Insurance
  • “We have been working with LePhair Associates for several years using their employee assessments to support our talent acquisition practices for our sales and service recruitment. By hiring for fit, we have seen significant improvements in our hiring and onboarding practices, new hire success rates and overall brokerage productivity.”

    Liz Fea Human Resources Specialist, Algoma Insurance Brokers Limited
  • We've been very happy to work with LePhair Associates for the past year and a half supporting our ongoing initiative of building and enhancing organizational capacity. Their unique approach combines both individual self assessment with paired training workshops, helping our leaders improve their overall effectiveness delivering on critical drivers.

    Dave Mignault, MPA, MA Manager, Organization Development, City of Kingston


  • Build a High Performing Workplace

    As corporate decision makers, you are faced with many challenges in building, growing, managing, and engaging talent. Understanding employees’ attitudes, motivations, and beliefs toward their employers, current managers, and job functions is a critical first step toward building a high-performance workforce and enhancing and improving the engagement levels within an organization.

    Using a combination of assessment tools, feedback systems and paired development tools we help organizations:
    •Gain critical insights into your employees’ motivations and preferences and identify areas of concern affecting communications and effectiveness.
    •Measure team chemistry and provide leaders with the tools to develop new teams, reduce conflict and improve overall team communication and problem solving abilities.
    •Improve individual and team performance by understanding how an individual’s personality impacts their fit with their manager, coworkers and team and what drives team effectiveness.

  • Hire Smarter!

    No matter how big or small a company may be, each and every employee can have a big impact. This means that hiring employees should not be taken lightly, and it’s critical to have a well planned and effective process for recruiting and selecting new additions to your team.

    Employee assessments give companies and managers consistent, in-depth, and objective information about their prospective candidates thinking styles, behaviors and interests and a fit to specific roles within your organization. This allows you to make smarter people decisions and dramatically improve success rates for new hires.

    Assessments allow you to:
    •Recruit right the first time by indentifying and hiring candidates that fit the company, team and role.
    •Coach new and existing employees for maximum effectiveness.
    •Reduce employee conflict, absenteeism and turnover.
    •Increase sales performance and company loyalty.
    •Increase overall workforce capability, productivity and agility.

  • Increase Sales Team Performance

    Hire, Train, and Develop Your Sales Superstars

    The importance of a company’s sales force cannot be understated in a competitive marketplace. It is critical, that you select the right people, with the right sales behaviors if you want to build and sustain a high performing sales team and overall sales culture.

    Using advanced employee assessment information combined with customized training and coaching programs and tools, we help you:

    •Hire the right sales talent based on fit to a unique success model for the role – thinking style, behaviors, interests, critical sales behaviors.
    •Increase the productivity and effectiveness of each sales and service professional in your organization through customized training programs.
    •Ensure ongoing reinforcement of skills, strategies, processes and accountability through follow up refresher programs, coaching and support tools.

  • Develop Leadership Effectiveness

    In recent years, there’s been a lot of focus on developing management skills, because we’re told that good management skills produce good results. That is not untrue, but getting extraordinary results from ordinary people requires more than just a finely honed set of management skills. The secret of people who get extraordinary results is that they work alongside the people that help them achieve their goals. They are distinguished by the fact that they are not just managers, but also extraordinary leaders.

    Using advanced employee assessment information combined with customized training and coaching programs and tools, we help you:

    •Assess for leadership potential and job fit based on thinking style, behaviors and interests and expected leadership approach.
    •Develop extraordinary managers and leaders using a combination of self awareness tools and development and coaching programs.
    •Build high functioning leadership teams that focus on results.