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Lois Sonstegard, Ph.D
Mission: Inspire leaders to push boundaries so that they innovate, achieve results, change lives

Provides training and coaching for successful leaders who want to be more dynamic and successful.
Uses practical, results-driven strategies and methodologies that are measurable.
Bridges gap between leadership capability and management structure.
Specialize in strategic planning, management capability evaluation and assessment of management for manufacturing and health care organizations.
Facilitates effective team development, relationship building using emotional intelligence, individual strengths, personal mission and vision.
Leads strategic business development across North America, Asia, and Europe.
Facilitate innovation thinking and strategies.
Unique insight with over 35 years of health care experience and 20 years of manufacturing industry experience in marketing and branding.
Effective Team Building is central to great leadership. 5 Behaviors of Effective Teams provides a great foundation upon which to build strong teams positioned to achieve amazing results. Used on conjunction with Personality Type and Conflict Resolution, Lencioni's work provides a sound foundation for team development.
Stakeholder Centered Coach
Gallup Certified Coach
Leadership Circle
Leadership Culture
Disc Workplace, Managers, and Leaders
5 Behaviors of an Effective Team (Lencioni's Method)
Emotional Intelligence
Appreciative Inquiry
MBTI Trainer
AHRQ Master Trainer and Facilitator
Scrum Product Owner

How To Overcome Team Dysfunciton
Ready to Take Team to Next Level?
Conflict can Be Productive

Testimonials For build2morrow

  • Lois came out to have a two-day session with supervisors regarding Team Building for Peak Performance. Not only was the large group captivated by her experiences and analogies, but we learned that each of us brings specific talents and abilities to the team. As a team, we had experienced some unique challenges and our stress was high.

    Kristen O’Connell, Ed.D. Education Director - Shakopee Minnesota Department of Corrections 1010 West Sixth Avenue Shakopee, MN 55379 O: 952-496-4481
  • One-on-one coaching sessions with Lois have been great. It's allowed me to understand the changing environment that I work in and be able to manage some of the uncertainty a little bit better. It's helped me work through some difficult conversations with my team and help us all become more effective in what it is we do on a day-to-day basis. The

    Liv Williamsen Apollo Endosurgery


  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, Personality-based

    Using either Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory or Disc individuals learn how to apply these concepts as tools to enable them to perform more effectively as team members.
    Personality Type provides a foundation from which to look at trust, commitment, accountability, and results. Each team member examines their unique contribution to the team and how to use that contribution to work more effectively.


    How Overwhelmed are your Employees
  • What's Making Your Team Dysfunctional?

    Team members and teams examine elements of effective team and those things that cause a team not to work well together. Time spent in group exercises and when appropriate in follow-up coaching and team exercises, enable teams to systematically look at and understand how they can more appropriately work together. Conflict resolution tools are provided to assist the learner in understanding how they can more effectively manage themselves and situations which may be difficult

  • Team are the Core to Great Leadership. What are your teams saying about you as a Leader?

    Teams don't function in isolation from management and leaders. The Emotional and Cultural Leadership Development of the Leader set the tone and the functionality of teams. Innovation, creativity, and extraordinary results require that teams be understood in the context of Leadership.l This workshop and coaching provides Leadership groups the opportunity o critically assess and analyze their leadership style and culture's impact upon teams that report to them.