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Michelle D. Reines, CEO - Chief Engagement Officer

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Maximizing People Performance - "Ingredients for Success"

Michelle D. Reines is the founder of MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc., located in Southern, CA. She is an innovative, results-oriented facilitator, coach, author and consultative strategist with a coveted reputation of exceeding expectations in a highly competitive, distressed or volatile operational business climate. Michelle's portfolio of strengths encompass extensive people aptitudes in leading and developing large and diverse teams; from leadership and sales to multi-faceted business operations. She possesses over 34 years of intense hands-on leadership, mentorship, organizational and operational expertise. Her geographical background has been diverse throughout North America, running large scale operations, in progressive urban settings, to suburban and even seasonal resort and rural markets. She has an impressive resume of start-ups and turnaround successes, and remarkable sales management competencies, as well as a flair for building cohesive high-performance teams. Michelle understands the operational BIG picture and has a proven track-record of fostering associate engagement, accountability and development; while simultaneously driving sales and revenue performance upward and decreasing associate turn-over. Another mission critical passion of hers, is ensuring unique customer experiences that support maximizing overall margin performance and of course building a brand experience that is both memorable and referable. Michelle is a passionate, fearless leader, advisor and consultant whose leadership methodology supports developing self-sufficient teams, that are resourceful in decision making, problem solving and at anticipating future trends and consequences. Regardless of the industry or focus, Michelle is able to adapt quickly, develop expertise at enabling teams to produce immediate contributions, regardless of the industry.

MDR currently travels throughout North America & Canada supporting individual and organizational development leveraging a multitude of amazing performance tools like the Five Behaviors!

**We are Authorized Partners for Everything DiSC® , The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ , PXT Select™ and The Blanchard Partner Network.

Testimonials For MDR Coaching & Consulting, Inc.

  • Michelle's commitment to bringing out excellence in those who work with her, is her most outstanding quality. She is an exception - one of a kind - leader.

    Nicole Conniff President, White Wings Marketing
  • Michelle is the model example of a professional in her field! She is poised, determined, detail oriented, a leader, motivator, self-starter, reliable, and a team player. It is hard today to find anyone out there with all the attributes Michelle displays.

    Wade Shealy Founder, CEO & Chairman of THIRDHOME
  • Michelle has the unique ability to inspire and motivate large groups of individuals to work together towards a common goal. Michelle always looks at the big picture and can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Michelle is always focused on developing her people and creating success.

    Danielle Mitchell Manager, Irvine Company
  • She challenges you. She expects you to produce at the highest level while gently placing in your hand every tool needed for success. I'm celebrating success in my career now because she developed me.

    Cole Harmonson Founder, Cole Event Group
  • Michelle is an innovative and high-performing professional. She would be an asset to any organization and I give her my highest recommendation.

    Craig jones Vice President, Multifamily Acquisitions at MBK Homes


  • The Five Behaviors Of A Cohesive Team™ Powered by Everything DiSC®

    The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ is a unique learning experience that helps people discover what it takes to achieve the ultimate competitive advantage of teamwork. The New York Times best-selling author Patrick Lencioni and the power of industry-leading workplace assessment tools come together in a breakthrough program proven to deliver business results. Invest in your team and start your journey to teamwork today.


    The Impact of Five Behaviors on Teamwork
    Introduction to The Five Behaviors
  • Five Behaviors - Case Studies

    Check-out these cases studies:


    The Ripple Effect of Employee Engagement
    Lee Memorial Health Systems Success Stor
  • The Five Behaviors® Personal Development

    Build and Fortify Skills that Transcend Teams

    This new product was created to harness the power of The Five Behaviors® across the entire organization. The Five Behaviors® Personal Development solution teaches individuals to become better teammates by integrating Patrick Lencioni’s model at the organizational level. The goal is to completely redefine teamwork and collaboration. Personal Development was designed specifically to work for individuals; participants do not all need to be part of the same team. Rather, participants can carry the takeaways of this program from one team to the next, enabling a culture of teamwork. Learners at all levels of an organization can benefit from this program and adopt its powerful principles, shape behaviors, and create a common language that empowers people to rewrite what it means to work together.

  • The Five Behaviors® Powered by All Types™

    Based on the work of Patrick Lencioni’s international best-seller, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types, The Five Behaviors® Powered by All Types™ helps teams achieve greater effectiveness and productivity and understand how individual personalities and preferences contribute to the team’s overall success.

    The Five Behaviors Powered by All Types is designed exclusively for teams within organizations that apply tools based on Jung’s theory of psychological types, like the MBTI instrument[1], as their preferred indicator of personality. This program creates a learning experience that helps teams understand how they score on the components of The Five Behaviors model: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results, and discover how each individual’s unique personality type brings value to the team.

    Building a cohesive, productive team takes work, but the payoff can be huge—for individuals, the team, and the organization.