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Wendy Blumenstein
Wendy has been supporting Teams and Organizations for 30 years.

We take great pleasure in supporting organizations, leaders, and teams in getting better results faster!

- Need help or resources to develop your Teams?
- Want to improve Teamwork and Business Results?
- Are your teams completing their projects on time? Are they delivering expected results?
- Need to train in-house facilitators to facilitate programs that guide your teams to get better results faster?
- Want to train in-house trainers to equip your organization's teams with the skills and behaviors to master cohesive teamwork?

Momentum Partners, LLC has been successfully helping organizations and their teams deliver better results.

We will be happy to guide you on the best path forward for your organization and one or many teams. Just contact us for a free consultation.

Testimonials For Momentum Partners, LLC

  • "Wendy Blumenstein has been working with our Strategic Documentation Management Team for several months now and has literally transformed it from a dysfunctional, conflicted group into an integrated, truly high performing team. "

    Vice-President, Quality Assurance, Pharmaceutical Company
  • “The way you built the trust among members who were in conflict quite frankly amazed me. I was truly astounded at how successful the work was, not just with one individual but across multiple people simultaneously. {...} I could not have asked for anything better."

    VP Regulatory Affairs, a Pharmaceutical Company
  • “What you did with a team that was unproductive and ridden with conflict was nothing short of fantastic.” ……The team delivered their 1st draft within 1 month after your work with them, when over the previous 5 months there was difficulty, disagreement and no work product."

    VP Drug Development, a Pharmaceutical Company
  • “This exceeded my expectations. Excellent […] drove us forward, kept us on track, gave us good tools. This was a terrific 2 days for me, for the team and for the Company.”

    VP Quality Assurance, a Pharmaceutical Company
  • “This was a good workshop. Got a lot of content done. Learned several good skills – foundation for the future. I would like to develop something like this for all of IT.”

    Sr. Director IT, a Pharmaceutical Company