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Robert Ipsen, publishing industry consultant and executive coach

Having worked in multiple high-level global roles, I have led numerous strategic growth
initiatives and worked on many mergers and acquisitions. This has honed my ability to quickly learn organizations, understand the “connective tissue” in organizations, and facilitate executive level performance coaching sessions designed to engage the team, identify needs, and remove barriers to performance.

Steeped in the book trade from my very earliest days when I founded my own store, and then as “turnaround manager” for a national retail book chain, my business triage skills are second nature. When I joined global publishing company, Wiley, I grew one successful group after another, building lucrative partnerships, formulating growth strategies in all area of the business to achieve market leadership, and playing a key role in the Wiley acquisition of “For Dummies,” the most successful nonfiction brand in the world.

Testimonials For ONeilPrep LLC

  • Robert is an intuitive and and thoughtful Coach, and I am privileged to have worked with him. He has wonderful listening skills and utilizes his varied professional experience to guide and direct the engagement. His empathic and calm demeanor enabled me to come to new insights and conclusions that were most helpful. I highly recommend Robert as a C

    Mary C. New York City
  • I had the good fortune of working closely with Robert for my first few years at Wiley, at a time when Robert was leading the sales team for Wiley nascent Efficient Learning Test prep business. What stood out was a genuine desire to motivate and empower his teams to produce their best and excel.

    Aziz T. London, UK


  • Effective Team Building

    Building trust and communication skills

  • Executive Coaching

    Articulate transformative personal goals and translate them to more effective team performance

  • Alligning teams to strategic goals

    Strategy formation is more than creative PowerPoint -- learn how to listen to all the communication styles on your team and facilitate better understanding and ownership of the teams strategic goals