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Patrick O'Reilly coaching
Patrick O'Reilly coaching with a star client.

The coaches of Padraig Coaching & Consulting Inc. work throughout North America with people who lead others. We coach one-to-one by phone and over Skype with leaders in many different industries, and we travel to you to provide workshops and development programs.

Each of our coaches holds a Graduate Certificate in Executive Coaching and each of us are certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). We keep our credentials current and we are constantly expanding our academic training. It’s essential, when choosing a coach, that you choose a certified coach.

We do what we do at Padraig because we want to help high potential leaders become seasoned executives with incredible success.
Padraig Coaching & Consulting provides particularly skilled expertise in leadership development – including one on one executive coaching (in person and via technology) and “Accelerating Success” – a program which facilitates an effective, efficient and timely integration of executives into new leadership roles. We are particularly successful working with leaders who are taking on a new team, and working with the team to help them adapt to the new leader. We facilitate a rapid transition for everyone, and bring the team to high-performance quickly.

We like to think of ourselves as a small town business with a big city network – we provide the one-on-one specialized assistance you find with a small boutique firm like ours, but we have extensive connections, and clients, worldwide – which provides the breadth of experience you won’t find in a small town.

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Testimonials For Padraig Coaching

  • Working with Patrick and his team has been such a positive, transformational experience for our organization. The insights provided into our leadership culture and team dynamics, the flexibility to adapt deliveries to meet emerging needs as we go through the process, and the commitment to results are all outstanding. I highly recommend this company

    Merete Heggelund CAO, City of Medicine Hat
  • Padraig have helped us change the way we communicate as a team, adapt our leadership styles to individual team members and situations and guided us to a shared vision of the organization we want to be. I have grown as a leader by working with Patrick and that has led to a significant return on investment for me personally and the organization.

    Paul Jordan CEO, The Forks North Portage Development Corporation
  • Working with Patrick at Padraig raised my awareness about my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and helped me develop strategies for addressing challenges in the workplace and helped me become much more aware of how I was perceived by my direct-reports and others working most closely with me. I think I am a stronger leader because of it.

    David Mandzuk Dean of Education, University of Manitoba
  • Thank you very much it was a wonderful session yesterday and you are a great presenter, your delivery is down to earth, yet professional and I felt inspired afterwards. I walked away feeling energized and I could tell others felt similar…the DISC gave me a good look at my strengths to continue to build upon along with excellent feedback.

    Dawn Olivence Aboriginal Peoples' Television Network


  • Five Behaviours of a Cohesive Team

    Harnessing the power of Everything DiSC® and the clarity and simplicity of the best-selling book, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, THE FIVE BEHAVIOURS OF A COHESIVE TEAM is an assessment-based team assessment and workshop that helps individual members of the leadership team, as well as the organization reveal what it takes to build a truly cohesive and effective team in the most approachable, competent, and effective way possible.

    Bringing together everyone’s personalities and preferences to form a cohesive, productive team takes work, but the payoff can be huge—for individuals, the team, and the entire organization.

  • Lead People Better - Everything DiSC® Management

    In a recent study of management perceptions 47% of respondents said, “My manager enhances my job satisfaction and work quality.” Unfortunately, 53% said “My manager either diminishes or does not contribute to my job satisfaction or my work quality.”

    Managing effectively means moving from a “one size fits all” management approach to providing direction, motivation, and development in a way that aligns with each individual.

    The most successful managers read the needs of their employees and adapt their style accordingly. These are important skills that can be developed with the Everything DiSC® Management Profile and Workshop.

    Managers first learn about their own management preferences. Next, Everything DiSC Management teaches managers how to understand how each DiSC style likes to work, what motivates them, and how to identify areas where the people they manage have strong potential and areas where they may face obstacles.

  • Accelerating Success - Getting up to speed QUICKLY when you take on a new team.

    We call this short program “Accelerating Success” and it focuses exclusively on getting everyone through the learning curves quickly, and functioning as a high-performance team.

    We help the leader quickly get to know their team – the individuals, the issues and the obstacles, along with the team getting to know the leader – their priorities , their idiosyncrasies and their style — things that usually take months to learn – all in a couple days. We explore issues that come up with the team around clients, goals, plans, teamwork, leadership styles and communication. As one of our clients described it “they helped us get all the “BS” that no one wanted to talk about out onto the table quickly, efficiently and diplomatically, so we could deal with it, answer questions, squelch concerns and rumours, and get on with being a motivated and successful team.”

    We help the team start having “essential conversations” based on trust and open, honest dialogue designed to enhance relationship.

  • Essential Conversations - Learn how to deal with conflict AND improve relationships.

    Essential Conversations are any conversation between two or more people where the stakes are high and “agree to disagree” is not an option. A leader’s life is filled with them:
    •Confronting staff about on performance or misbehavior;
    •Misalignment with peers;
    •Struggles with the board or boss;
    •Negotiation with clients and stakeholders, and
    •So many others.

    What might your work be like, if you were equipped to deal with conflict in a way that improved our relationships?

    Here we spend a little time on theory and technique and a lot of time on practice – having real conversations about real issues, your team will improve while learning on-the-spot.

    In this Workshop your team members will learn how to:
    •Have the conversation that is needed to address and change behaviours and attitudes.
    •Know when feedback and coaching is no longer appropriate, and confrontation of issues is needed,
    •Spot common errors and correct them, and
    •End the conversation with a stronger, enriched

  • CALM Conversations - A Coach Approach to Leading and Managing

    Introduce a coach approach to your organization. Leaders learn how to use with their staff some of the techniques that professional coaches use to bring out the best in their clients. This helps leaders empower employees to solve problems and to buy-into the solutions, building a “coaching culture” throughout your organization.

    This leadership training amplifies coaching success throughout your organization.

    You and your team will learn how to start bringing a coach approach to your day-to-day work – help colleagues and staff to reach greater heights, use a questions based approach in your interactions with your team and begin to encourage staff to use a coach approach with each other.

    Building a coaching culture leads to enormous corporate gains. CALM Conversations can be integrated into any of our leadership development curricula to ensure a consistent understanding and application of coaching throughout the company.

  • Executive Coaching

    We use our intuition, deep active listening and experience to ask curious and powerful questions. We coach our clients to notice self-perceived limits and see different perspectives, so that they can break through their own hurdles and achieve things they didn’t know they could achieve. And, we hold our clients accountable throughout the coaching process. We help the client to find solutions that suit them and help them figure out how to implement those solutions.
    We are committed to change that is transformative. When people are able to understand themselves and how the world sees them, they discover more authentic, creative and resourceful ways of creating fulfilling lives and vibrant workplaces.
    You will not only move forward in your career success but deepen your learning in the process. By achieving that deeper learning about yourself, you help others grow around you and advance the success of the whole organization.