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Whether you’re filling a new leadership role or are promoting others to new leadership positions, PeopleTek Coaching has the tools, such as The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, to meet your individual and team needs. The services provided help people at any stage of their career overcome hurdles standing in the way of their progress and overcome new challenges they may be facing in a new role.

PeopleTek’s main offerings all include Everything DISC products. These offerings are its three Journey programs: Leadership Journey I (also with a Virtual Journey option), Leadership Journey II, and Team Journey. Each program has its own unique focus with the same end result–helping you achieve your leadership and career goals to become more effective, more confident, and grow overall as a leader and person.

Whether you are learning to harness your strengths and identify and improve upon leadership gaps in Journey I, putting that knowledge into action to create change in Journey II, or overcoming communication barriers and forming a strong unity within your team with Team Journey, you will truly be transformed by your experience.

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Testimonials For PeopleTek

  • For me the Journey was a great exercise in self awareness. Through the multiple assessments it allowed me to see not only more of who I am, but also how I am perceived by others. I have encouraged several others on my team to attend and the experience has. been great for them, as well as for all of us to learn to work better as a team.

    John G. Gold Coast Schools
  • Peopletek has been instrumental in helping us build our management and leadership skills. They have been able to get our company leaders to take the time to build skills and achieve goals and helped create a roadmap that can both guide us and keep us on the path we have chosen.

    Steven P. Communication Corporation of America
  • This has been time and money well spent on my team. This is coming back in payoffs multiple times to me. I have noticed positive changes in how my team interacts, and there is more open dialog and trust. We are truly able to do more and with better quality than before. I also have much stronger peer relationships.

    Sheila B.


  • Leadership Journeys/Individual Development

    Lead Yourself, Then Lead Others - As a leader, it is most important that you first are able to lead yourself before you can effectively lead and manage others. Many individuals are highly skilled in their job, task, and profession only to be surprised and frustrated when they get promoted into a formal leadership role.
    Common Topics in Individual Development:
    Patience/tolerance levels
    Too direct/lacking directness
    Degrees of empathy
    Desire to please/want to be liked
    Inability to build/enhance relationships
    Conflict management
    Being inapproachable
    Delivering hard messages
    Career guidance


    More about the Leadership Journey
    Touched by the Journey
  • Everything DISC 360 Plus

    360 Plus is a great new way to solicit feedback from others and develop a deeper and more complete understanding of you–your strengths as well as opportunities for growth and improvement. It’s the perfect way to support your commitment to continual learning and self-development, whether you’re an emerging high-potential leader or an experienced executive.
    It features: The DiSC 363 Assessment, Private One-On-One Coaching Session, One Year License to QwikCoach (an online support tool that provides 24/7 coaching support), A Section in QwikCoach Dedicated to DiSC 363


    The Process of Feedback
  • Executive Coaching

    Executive & Business Coaching Program – Since 1996, PeopleTek has enabled professionals and leaders of all levels to achieve higher performance through a variety of tools, techniques and solutions.
    Participants receive unbiased and objective feedback about what is really working for them and what areas need further development. Our coaches work closely to guide the creation of specific, meaningful and objective plans that are pivotal to success in the higher ranks.
    Executive Coaching Program – The value provided includes:
    Increased skill in communicating with leadership, peers, and direct reports
    More insightful and perceptive listening skills and meaningful feedback
    Stronger relationships inside the organization and with customers and partners
    Greater ability to delegate effectively, leading to improved time management Enhanced Emotional Intelligence that leads to deeper and stronger relationships Greater ability to refrain from micromanagement
    Holding self and accountable


    Why Coaching?
  • Custom Programs/Team Development

    PeopleTek’s Team Development Programs - Every company has them: highly strategic projects that are just too important to fail. PeopleTek can help keep your vital projects on a successful track by teaching your team to solve key project conflicts before they hinder work progress.

    Team Journey Program – All members of the same team go through an extensive program together. The end- result is a group of individuals that have learned valuable insights into each other and how they can pool their strengths to become a well-oiled machine.


    The Power of Teamwork
  • HR Services

    PeopleTek’s Career and Job Search Coaching program will help you find direction, market yourself, uncover opportunities,
    Finding Direction. Our coaches can help you clarify your chief inner strengths, most marketable skills, most innovative solutions, and deepest career passions to pave the way to a clear plan for your career.
    Marketing Yourself. One of the key challenges in landing a new position involves learning how to market oneself. Knowing the best ways to present and highlight one’s background takes years of know-how and corporate experience.
    Uncovering Opportunities. Once the resume has been perfected, the next critical part of a successful job search involves knowing how to uncover the right opportunities. While many people are familiar with the concept of “networking,” few are exceptional in networking for the long-term in a way that brings significant results.
    Interviewing with Confidence.

  • Instruments and Profiles

    All of our programs utilize tools and instruments to increase awareness of self and others. These programs begin with a confidential assessment which enables PeopleTek to identify the greatest areas of need. Some options include:
    Everything DiSC 363, Everything DiSC Workplace, Everything DiSC Work of Leaders, Everything DiSC Management, Everything DiSC Sales, 5 Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, Emotional Intelligence (EQi), Time Mastery, Myers Briggs, Conflict (Thomas Kilmann Conflict Instrument), Listening and Communication, Team Dimensions, Work Desires and Expectations, Managing Change, Trust


    More about The Five Behaviors