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PeopleWorks is a general management consultancy group that builds great organizations by helping out clients achieve world class operating excellence in the areas of people, customer, process, and profitability. To learn more, contact us at 214-210-9080 or [email protected]

We are headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Our focus is to help our clients build healthy organizations that have a culture of trust and strong leadership, incorporate strong business systems executed by high-performance teams which attract and keep highly-engaged employees who drive innovation, develop loyal customers, and deliver world-class profitability. Some of our clients include: Toyota, Trinity Industries, Mitsubishi, EOG Resources, Caterpillar, J.J. Taylor Companies, Raymond, FrieslandCampina and Texas Security Bank.

Our Mission: Enable organizations to achieve a noble purpose.

Our Vision: PeopleWorks will impact 100 clients and 10,000 people by 2025.

Our Values: Love, Service, Excellence

PeopleWorks has helped over 50 clients from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies accelerate profitability and growth by significantly improving their ability to execute through people, something former Honeywell CEO Larry Bossidy calls “the discipline of getting things done.” Three decades of experience have taught us that, in a highly competitive and constantly changing marketplace, it is the organizations that can best equip their employees to “get things done” and that are best able to adapt, grow and prosper in any environment.

We are the consulting industry leader in:
Employee Assessments
Employee Engagement
Leadership & Executive Coaching
Supply Chain Management
Change Management
Talent & Organizational Development
Labor Relations
Strategic Planning & Execution
Culture Change

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Testimonials For PeopleWorks International

  • I hired a top executive coach from PeopleWorks to work with a future executive of our company. Improvement was almost immediate. They made me look good!

    Vice President EOG Resources
  • When I took over as division president, they helped me evaluate my talent very quickly using their outstanding tools. I was able to make needed changes, restructure the organization and raise our game dramatically from where we started.

    Division President Toyota Industries North America
  • I owe my promotion to Vice President to the executive coaching I received from them.

    Vice President Trinity Industries
  • PeopleWorks has helped change our culture for the better and make it stick.

    Chairman & CEO J.J. Taylor Companies
  • PeopleWorks is a competitive advantage for us. We consider their CEO as a member of our key leadership team.

    Division President Mitsubishi Heavy Industries


  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™

    The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ has a simple goal: To help people discover how to build a truly cohesive and effective team. Based on Patrick Lencioni’s internationally best-selling leadership fable The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, this assessment-based program focuses on putting The Five Behaviors™ model into practice. The team assessment will help your team achieve greater effectiveness and productivity.

    A productive, high-functioning team:

    Establishes Trust between team members
    Engages in Conflict around ideas
    Commits to decisions
    Holds team members Accountable
    Focuses on achieving collective Results
    Is more fun to be on!

  • PXT Select™

    PXT Select™ helps organizations make the very human decisions about hiring simpler and smarter. This online selection and development assessment measures a candidate's thinking style, behaviors, and interests: three areas that impact an individual's approach to situations in the workplace.

    PXT Select™ offers a suite of reports that enhance selection, onboarding, coaching and development within an organization. Whether you have a new hire or an employee who has been with the organization for 10 years, PXT Select™ can help that person feel engaged, energized, and excited to come to work.

  • Hiring & Selection

    Having trouble finding, selecting and keeping the right people? Our suite of online behavioral assessments help organizations identify the right talent to best fit the right job and develop their people as they grow within the organization. Increase your hiring odds, reduce turnover and save tens of thousands of dollars from your bottom line.

  • Organizational Development

    In addition to the need for behavioral assessments to hire and develop talent, many organizations today do not have a systematic and strategic human resources process. With 30+ years of experience, PeopleWorks can help your organization develop a comprehensive human resources process that is seen as a critical asset to your organization rather than a necessity. Whether it's in hiring, onboarding or development, we can help identify key areas to get your team from here to there and become sustainable for years into the future.

  • Executive & Leadership Coaching

    Do you think your business can benefit from executive coaching? Even star athletes use coaches to help them reach a higher level of performance. In the same way, companies benefit from leadership coaching to help ignite passion, innovation, and performance that will spread throughout the organization. Industry surveys indicate that nearly 60 percent of large organizations currently offer leadership coaching to their managers and executives, with another 20 percent indicating they plan to offer executive leadership training in the next year.

    PeopleWorks International has an exceptional coaching program that is designed to accelerate development of a leader in support of the organization’s succession planning. During this process, we will identify the strengths of the leader that can be leveraged to improve effectiveness as well as address the gaps that would create obstacles to achieving optimal performance and advance to higher levels of responsibility.

  • Employee Engagement

    Engaged employees are passionate about their work, feel empowered, valued, respected, and connected to their employer and their associates. They are advocates of their organization and consequently will exert exceptional discretionary effort to further the goals and performance of the company.

    If this doesn’t describe your employees, you are not alone. Unfortunately, according to Gallup, an “Engagement Gap” currently exists where roughly 50 percent of all working Americans are not fully engaged or are disengaged, which costs US businesses an estimated $300 billion a year in lost productivity. We specialize in assisting organizations of all sizes in building a culture of high performance and profitability by using an employee engagement strategy. Like any other key indicator, you must measure it if you want it to drive performance. The PWI Employee Engagement Survey will provide a baseline assessment that will identify strengths and gaps that will lead to an effective strategy.

  • Supply Chain Management

    Supply chain management is a critical strategy that must be implemented with a strong customer focus. World-class enterprises with this approach and core values centered on servant leadership from end-to-end of the supply chain consistently experience greater sustainability with long-term business partners and loyal customers. The methodology PeopleWorks uses focuses heavily on customer service.

    The PeopleWorks proprietary Supply Chain Assessment reveals a complete picture of an organization’s core processes, key leadership, internal and external customer focus metrics, strategic suppliers, and production flow. Once these areas have been analyzed, PeopleWorks conveys key strengths and opportunity areas with a specific action plan for improvement.

  • Strategic Planning & Goal Deployment

    Achieving world-class performance and profitability is dependent on having a defined strategy that is centered on the mission and vision of the organization. Knowing exactly what you want your company to accomplish is crucial to success. Creating a competitive advantage requires an accurate analysis of market forces and the distinctive strengths of your company. The best organizations in the world cascade goals down from the top to the bottom and stay flexible and nimble in an ever-changing economic environment.

    The collaborative approach of our strategic business planning consultants produces a clear implementation plan that incorporates organizational development, process improvements, and a technology roadmap, when appropriate. Effective strategies need to be data-driven. All of the previously mentioned parts generate operational efficiencies that leverage core competencies, current talent, and human capital.

    Call us to discuss how to maximize your goal deployment strategy!

  • Customer Loyalty Improvement

    PeopleWorks has the professional talent and proprietary tools to build and sustain customer loyalty. Our capabilities and areas of expertise include:

    Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Improvement
    - Customer research and performance tracking systems
    - Service excellence improvement diagnostic
    - Customer experience management strategy “playbook”

    Customer Experience and Employee Engagement
    - Customer vulnerability assessment
    - Engagement measurement and gap-analysis
    - Customer touch points re-engineering

    Customer Performance Measurement
    - Audits and decision-support improvements
    - Measurement process design and reporting systems
    - Customized models and customer loyalty driver-analytics

  • Labor Relations

    The key to positive labor relations is creating a culture of respect, safety and mutual trust. When employees trust management, feel appreciated, empowered, and have access to the resources necessary to perform their job effectively, risk of unionization is negligible.

    Understanding the concerns of your workforce is critical in your defense against union organization. Companies must be acutely aware of external threats in and around your facility. Leaders are often oblivious to or in denial about unresolved issues that produce morale problems if not resolved immediately.Our proprietary Union Vulnerability Assessment (UVA) measures:

    - Risk of your employees seeking union representation
    - Risk of your business being targeted by union organizers
    - Your leadership’s capability of executing a “union-proofing” strategy

    We provides our clients with a clear, proven road map to “union-proof” their organization by building an engaged, high-performance team rendering unions irrelevant.