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Steve Morgan, Ph.D., President

Steve founded Performance Insight with the mission to inspire insight to ignite individual, team, and organization performance. To ensure mission success, over the last 20 years, Steve has developed and fine-tuned his OTI™ approach that systematically integrates organization-, team-, and individual-level business solutions.

Steve’s vision is to be a “trusted, long-term, strategic business partner” by his clients. Steve has industry experience in a wide range of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, information technology, intelligence, government contracting, aerospace, and defense. Steve works with commercial and government organizations, both for-profit and not-for-profit. His clients range in size from Fortune 100 companies to start-up operations and are located both domestically and abroad. These clients have attested to Steve’s ability to assess, provide insight, align, problem solve, facilitate, and coach. Steve’s experience partnering with organizations across many industries allows for comprehensive benchmarking and leveraging of “best practice” business intelligence.

Our custom team-level solutions focus on specific groups in the organization, from the executive leadership team, to cross-functional teams, to inter-organization teams. As authorized partners of The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team framework, we provide team coaching/teambuilding programs, facilitate teamwork around specific problems, and facilitate cross-team/organization partnering.


  • Team Facilitation

    Even healthy and generally well-functioning teams sometimes encounter issues they have a hard time resolving quickly or in a unified fashion. When team members can’t even agree on the nature of the problem, let alone the correct direction to pursue, it is often useful to get the insight of an external and objective party to help move the team forward.

    Performance Insight helps teams solve specific problems and critical business issues by guiding the team through our structured “Six Stages” process to define the problem, clarify assumptions, generate ideas, evaluate potential solutions, select a course of action, develop plans and tactics, and identify processes and metrics to monitor implementation. RASCI (Responsible-Accountable-Support-Consult-Inform) charting is often used in these situations to clarify team member roles when addressing a given problem or working a team initiative.

  • PARTNERSHiP Program

    Partnering with other organizations to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes is increasingly common in today’s business environment. Performance Insight has developed an iterative process that helps partnering organizations overcome obstacles to effective partnering and achieve mutual success. Typical components of this process include the formation of a “leadership council” comprised of top-level members from both partnering organizations to guide subsequent actions. We then get a baseline assessment of the current state of the partnership via the administration and analysis of our unique PARTNERSHiPinsight™ Survey. This web-based survey taps multiple dimensions critical to the healthy functioning of partnerships. This unique survey comprehensively provides, through the use of both qualitative and quantitative data and targeted recommendations, a road map for how to get your partnership on track and achieving shared success.

  • The Five Behaviors of Cohesive Team

    Teams have the potential to produce more than the sum of the contributions of individual members. Achieving this synergy can be difficult when limited resources, communication breakdowns, and a frenetic pace of work contribute to stove-piping and inter-departmental conflicts. In order to achieve true team alignment, collaboration, coordination, and communication, team members need to possess and leverage key skills and tools to unlock their potential.

    In order to help our clients achieve cohesive and effective teams, we have partnered with Wiley to offer The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ learning experience. This program includes the use of validated assessments, including a team assessment around the model components of Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. We also incorporate the power of the Everything DiSC® model, which helps individuals understand themselves and their team members better.