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Heather Ostrowski and Cory Holen
Heather Ostrowski and Cory Holen

Preference Employment Solutions has been servicing the Fargo/Moorhead area since 1987. We are committed to supporting our community through our work and core values. As such, we understand the unique needs of Fargo/Moorhead area businesses and have nurtured relationships that have allowed us to become the premier employment service in this area.

At Preference Employment Solutions, our current culture is a result of participating and applying tools from The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team along with Dale Carnegie training and several other opportunities we provide for our team to advance their professional development.

It gives us great pride to now offer those opportunities to the clients we serve with our Authorized Wiley Partnership including DiSC assessments and training and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team.

We would like to introduce you to two team members who can support your company and help integrate these tools:

Cory Holen, Professional Consultant, leads the team in understanding DiSC assessments to help support the hiring process. By understanding individual traits and behaviors, we can interview with a greater intention as well as support our candidate search uniquely. Cory has been employed at Preference Employment Solutions for 6 years and has received training from the American Staffing Association as a Certified Search Consultant. He also earned his Leadership Training for Managers and Skills for Success certifications from Dale Carnegie Training, Fargo.

Heather Ostrowski, Advisory Solutions Consultant, joined the Preference team in 2016, although her relationship with the team began in 2014 when she was a Performance Consultant for Dale Carnegie Training. Her ability to partner with Preference Employment Solutions and add insight into their culture, team and areas for development made her a natural fit for the newly created position involving advisory solutions. In this role, she continues to foster client relationships and uncover additional ways our team can be a resource in staffing solutions.


  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®

    Based on the work of Patrick Lencioni’s international best-seller The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® Powered by Everything DiSC® helps teams apply The Five Behaviors™ model of Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results to drive team effectiveness and productivity. The program uses Everything DiSC, a tool that helps build effective team communication and relationships, to help participants understand their individual DiSC® style and discover how each style brings value to the team.

  • Everything DiSC Workplace®

    Everything DiSC Workplace® delivers a comprehensive, easily customizable workplace development solution to engage every employee—regardless of title or position, department or function—in building more productive & effective relationships at work.

    Combining facilitated classroom training with online pre-work and follow-up tools, we will create a personalized learning experience to help participants understand and appreciate the different priorities, preferences, and values each individual brings to the workplace, and how they can learn to adapt to the style of others.

    Participant Take-Aways: Discover their own style: recognize the priorities, motivators & stress triggers that shape their workplace experience; explore other styles: understand the differences & similarities among the DiSC styles; identify strategies to make more meaningful connections with colleagues of various styles and work more effectively to reduce tension, solve problems & contribute positively to their tea

  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

    The competition for talent is fierce out there…do you know how to answer the question “Tell me why I would want to work for your company?”

    The Employee Value Proposition by definition is: the balance of the rewards and benefits that are received by employees in return for their performance at the workplace. Organizations generally develop an EVP to provide a consistent platform for employer brand communication and experience management.