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Roger Billings
We Leave You Stronger!

“As a coach, I focus on you and what you want to achieve. Helping you to achieve your goals is my sole purpose.”

Roger offers over thirty years of coaching experience. He has inspired and guided organizations of different sizes on global, national, provincial and municipal levels.

Testimonials For Roger Billings Coaching

  • Within a professional and results driven coaching environment, Roger brings customized, goal specific proven strategies to each individual situation. Employees are challenged to implement newly learned ‘tools in their toolbox’ during their daily work activities and then assess their progress via regular check-ins with Roger.

    Associate Vice-Principal Facilities, Queen's University
  • “A Coach is defined as a tutor who gives private or specialized teaching. Roger is certainly a coach by definition but he is also a mentor and a confidante whose is able to remain objective which makes his advice especially rich.

    Chief Development Officer Queen's University
  • “Working with Roger helped make my team stronger. We understood each other better and became even more productive than we had been. Additionally, as a leader, Roger’s coaching has helped me excel in my career. Quite simply, he’s amazing!”

    Dean, Faculty of Health Dalhousie University
  • “As a participant in the Foundational Leadership Program, I can attest that … the program is full of “aha” moments! It will certainly make you stronger!”

    Administrative Manager School of Rehabilitation Services, Queen's University
  • “Your logical thinking and reassuring temperament were exactly what I needed.”

    Executive Assistant Human Resources, Queen's University


  • Pulling Healthcare Teams Together with The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team

    What do you do when your patients are happy…but your hospital staff isn’t? A healthcare leader at one of “America’s 50 Best Hospitals”* turns to The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ to transform a diverse department into a healthy team.

  • Team Building and Group Dynamics

    Forty exceptional employees, six short months, and the responsibility to one reputable Fortune 100 company: That is what Darci Kleindl was handed when she accepted a job as the general manager of sales excellence and sales enablement for the Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) group. She inherited a global team of customer support managers, all of whom work with diverse clientele, including engineers, marketing organizations, consultants, and external customers. She also manages a team of leaders who drive worldwide standards for sales basics, internal and external readiness, and the business rhythm and communications to accelerate the MBS group. To add to the chaos, this group, which had operated autonomously within Microsoft, faced a large organizational shift when she started: “Our enterprise and small business teams integrated our CRM solutions into the overall business strategy and execution. It took our work from a priority state of 4 to 9 overnight,”


  • Building Team Trust by Tearing Down Silos

    “I ONLY LOOK AFTER MY GROUP OF STORES.” With a distinctive “Whole Foods meets Trader Joe’s” ambience, the family-owned Harris Farm Markets retail chain has thrived since David and Cathy
    Harris opened their first fruit store in 1971. The enterprise, now run by the founders’ sons, has 25 sites in the Sydney, Australia region and 1,400 employees. Harris Farm Markets had attracted a loyal clientele but was hampered by a siloed, distrustful, and competitive internal environment. Recognizing that teamwork was their most untapped competitive advantage, the company turned to The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™, the comprehensive team development program from Wiley