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David Liddell, Founder & CEO
David Liddell, Founder & CEO

SKYE Business Solutions helps leaders discover their purpose: the driving force behind your organization’s ability to achieve. Purpose empowers leaders to recognize value; creating a culture of engagement, contribution, and trust. SKYE propels your leadership to the next level: pushing through the ordinary to unlock the full potential throughout all levels of your organization.

About David Liddell: Founder and CEO of SKYE Business Solutions

A firm believer that leadership doesn’t have to be complicated, David provides clarity to chaos, unlocking the full potential in organizations. Driven by results and achievement, he guides leaders to realize their purpose and align to the organization’s vision. He helps organizations navigate through today’s business challenges by anchoring leaders in fundamental leadership principles; creating an unstoppable culture of success.

During the summer you can find David enjoying time on the Cape with his wife, son, and mini goldendoodle, Scooter. In the winter he takes his passion for the water on to the ice, participating in one of New Hampshire's curling leagues.

About Alison Lamothe: Marketing and Operations Manager

Combining natural creativity with a self-proclaimed need for order, Alison keeps SKYE running. Working with everything from branding to training programs, she supports all of SKYE's operations. You'll often find Alison designing training materials, working with program participants, and coordinating with clients as they achieve their goals. In her free time, you can find Alison enjoying the Maine coast (in any season!), working out, or cooking. A graduate of Southern New Hampshire University, Alison brings over 5 years of experience to SKYE.

Testimonials For Liddell Consulting Group

  • The team performance initiative SKYE facilitated helped us to build a stronger foundation for improved team communication, collaboration, and business outcomes. Davids expertise in coaching and business development raised the skill level of our key influencers by making them thoughtfully intentional in leading themselves and others.

    Mark Turbocam


  • Leadership Development Blueprint

    SKYE’s Leadership Development Blueprint is designed to help you optimize your workforce through focused leadership development. It provides a unique experience for each leader, and establishes a foundation for personal and organizational success.

    Our unique process blends learning content, tools, assessments, and expert facilitation within its leadership development training programs.

    SKYE uses a real-world approach to leadership development. We focus on training that is based in reality and ‘on-the-job’ challenges leaders’ face. Sessions are spaced strategically to support an adult-learner retention model. One on one support, multi-media resources, and reinforcement are standard in every program.

    The right development program can add infinite value to your organization. Our clients have seen increased engagement, retention, productivity, and innovation as a direct results of our programs. Download our Blueprint or contact us to begin your free 30 minute consultation.

  • Performance Optimization Quickstart

    SKYE’s Performance Optimization Quickstart identifies company needs and performance gaps to produce a powerful team performance plan. The Quickstart is a unique approach that utilizes interactive group discussions, individual discovery, and professional facilitation to ensure real-world outcomes.

    Unlocking the full potential in your leadership team can be a real challenge. Today’s leaders face many obstacles that can derail success. The Quickstart focuses on identifying what is preventing your leadership team from maximizing results in your organization.

    Your leaders, employees, and executive team will make or break your success. The Quickstart is designed as the starting point for aligning your leadership team’s goals, perspective and attitude for performance, results, and long-term success.