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Experience the true meaning of teamwork with The Five Behaviors™.

About Us

Providing Workplace Solutions from Pre-Hire to Retire

Our associates are experienced practitioners who facilitate transformational change for individuals and organizations.

We rigorously apply the theory and implementation of ontological coaching with leaders and in teams. In our experience, and supported by extensive research, we have found that individual ontological shifts in cognitive understanding and behavioral practices is required to shift the focus of the individual. As a result of significant individual growth of individual leaders and teams, the organizational culture shifts to focus on - and celebrate - desired results.

In addition, our associates complete rigorous training in the administration and facilitation of Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team assessment profiles. This intense process—reinforced by previous professional experiences—has given our associates a unique expertise in both the theoretical knowledge and the hands-on application of our techniques. Our associates are certified as ontological coaches as well as DiSC and 5BCT solutions specialists.

Testimonials For Style Solutions

  • ....75% Expertise & 75% Experienced Coach. I know that adds to 150%, but if you’ve ever sat down with Judy for more than a minute, you know that is possible! Working with Judy and her systems, you will find a powerful and dramatic, game-changing, experience. Her methods offer permanent, positive changes for organizations like few I have seen!

    Jack Rostetter President, H&H Homes