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Carol Horner, President

As President and Founder of Synchronicity, Inc. (, Carol Horner partners with her clients to design and implement engaging learning experiences that challenge mindsets, encourages healthy relationships, and creates a direct connection between the vision, values, and strategies of an organization and the daily activities of their people. Carol believes that in order to affect positive and productive change in people’s behavior and performance, they must be actively engaged in a learning process that is aligned with key business objectives. Carol integrates diversity, equity, and inclusion in all her work.

Carol’s strengths lie in her ability to successfully custom design and implement learning and organization development programs and processes in the areas of leadership development, team development, accountability, communication, and adaptability. She works with large companies, small businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals seeking to grow and make productive, positive impact. Carol is an Everything DiSC® Authorized Partner, Five Behaviors® Authorized Partner, and PXT Select® Authorized Partner with Wiley.

Carol is considered a leader in her field with numerous presentations and publications including an upcoming book, The Spiral of Accountability. She holds several leadership positions within and is affiliated with the following professional organizations: Association for Talent Development; Organization Development Network; Council Bluffs Area Chamber of Commerce; Rotary International; Iowa Small Business Development Centers; and the Texas Experiential Resources Association.

Testimonials For Synchronicity, Inc.

  • Carol is a most effective work which requires her to collaborate with multiple folks on a design/delivery team. I find her personality, sense of humor and passion for the work to be powerful attributes that any business partner would value. Ms. Horner has contributed to Shell teams in a fashion which leaves undeniable favorable impact.

    Bill McQuillen, Director Shell Learning Center Shell Oil, Houston, TX
  • She brings creativity, energy and broad perspective to every endeavor, and anyone who works with her benefits as she shares freely. As a colleague, I value Carol’s integrity as much as her expertise and I know she will always, cheerfully, go above and beyond to serve the client.

    Andrea Chilcote, Founder and CEO Morningstar Ventures, Cave Creek, AZ
  • Carol was instrumental in bringing the DiSC assessment into our company, and she worked directly with me and our Training Director to ensure that I was prepared to facilitate the various DiSC modules in-house. I discovered that Carol brings a wonderful energy and enthusiasm to everything she does. She is extremely responsive to our needs.

    Jim Kalhorn, Senior Project Manager C&A Industries, Omaha, NE
  • I value Carol as a business adviser and highly recommend her as an executive coach and mentor to any organization and its leaders. Particularly where change is accelerating and the competitive advantage requires a tough minded, out of the box approach that will not only get you the results you are seeking but will inspire a winning attitude.

    Tara Slevin, VP Development and Volunteer Services Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital, Council Bluffs, IA


  • Team Development

    Though the use of Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team program we are able to evaluate and meet a team where they are in their development and help them grow into a trusting and accountable team that focuses on and gets results.

  • Experiential Team Building

    We use a variety to team problem solving initiatives to anchor team skills and develop team effectiveness.

  • Team Culture Development

    Culture is "how things really get done around here" and has a huge impact on employee engagement. Each team has their own culture whether they know it or not. To create and nurture a desired and effective team culture takes purposeful attention. We help teams define and develop their desired culture.

  • Spiral of Accountability™

    Created in 2019 by Carol Horner, this visual represents the shared accountability dynamic. It shows the progression of both destructive behaviors and productive behaviors and how they can cause a team to spiral down to misery or spiral up to be in synch. Learn more at and stay tuned for the upcoming book!