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Five Behaviors® - John Beck - The Assessment Company®
John P. Beck, Jr - President/CEO - The Assessment Company®

We are a Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™ Accredited Facilitator. The program is the result of the partnership between Wiley Workplace Learning Solutions and best-selling author Patrick Lencioni. Together we have created a team development program with a simple goal—to improve team effectiveness and productivity through the understanding and application of The Five Behaviors™: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results.

About The Assessment Company®

John Beck founded The Assessment Company® with one goal in mind; to share his knowledge and spread the word about “Occupational DNA®” and how the ODNA® process can provide meaningful, measurable results.

Results are in our DNA

EXPERIENCE - For over 20 years, The Assessment Company® has evolved to meet the needs of our customers — from Pre-Employment, Talent Management, Workforce Development, and Advanced Behavioral Assessments Solutions.

SOLUTIONS - We represent and deliver the best Assessment tools to meet your business objectives. No other firm in the industry has the best in class offerings, experienced leadership and talented workforce to ensure results that will exceed your expectations.

SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY - Our assessments go through a rigorous statistical process that ensures we exceed industry standards. Our cloud-based platform continues to be a leader in the online assessment industry. We focus on the technology required to administer the assessments, secure and protect data, and provide support throughout the process.

GREAT SUPPORT - Our corporate support team is made up of employees with backgrounds in organizational psychology, human resource management, coaching, consulting, education, and information technology. Our teams of dedicated client professionals are committed to your total satisfaction.

Testimonials For The Assessment Company®

  • I have worked with the Assessment Company® for many years. Their Occupational DNA® approach helps our organization to quickly identify the best candidate match for the job! No other firm comes close to not only meeting but exceeding our expectations. Their customer focus is second to none.

    Paul Amedee Safway Group
  • The Assessment Company® provided me with valuable information about my team which allowed me to evaluate their performance in a more informative manner. It helped me understand "Why" they do what they do, not just "How" they do it. Much better way to fix problems and reward success!

    Cliff Ourso Clifton N Ourso Insurance Agency Inc
  • I've used other assessments available from this company when working with my clients. I have had a 100% satisfaction rate with the ease of use and the highly accurate results. The professional relationships and extensive product knowledge available will help you achieve greater successes. It's a no-brainer for me.

    Billy Arcement Leadership Solutions
  • The Assessment Company® and its team have been an invaluable resource to me and my colleagues. With exceptional products and even more exceptional service and support, I would highly recommend The Assessment Company®.

    Robert Bel Safway Solutions, LLC
  • The Assessment Company's back office support is exceptional. Trust me, working with a variety of clients and the companies that employee them... can be like herding cats. The support I get, and my clients enjoy... is patent, professional and accurate.

    Craig Juengling, PCC Juengling & Associates, LLC


  • Occupational DNA®

    Unlock the key to your organization's Occupational DNA®” and discover how the ODNA® process can provide meaningful, measurable results. Since 1994, our team has helped thousands of clients understand their people and how they will perform on the job. The ODNA® can be deployed for any company, for any job, and in any location. Whether you are a small company of 10 employees or an enterprise of 10,000, we will deliver the results you need to meet your business objectives.

  • The Five Behaviors™ Powered by Everything DiSC®

    The program helps teams understand how they score on the key components of The Five Behaviors™ model: Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results. Individual team members will learn about their own personality style and the styles of their team members— based on the Everything DiSC® model—and how their style contributes to the team’s overall success. Call 800.434.2630 for more information.

  • The Five Behaviors™ Powered by All Types

    This program helps improve team effectiveness and productivity in organizations that apply tools
    based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types, like the MBTI® instrument, as their preferred indicator of behaviors and personality. Teams will examine how they score on the key components of Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability, and Results, as well as understand how each team member’s unique personality style brings value to the team’s overall success. Call 800.434.2630 for more information.