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Principals Lori Heffelfinger and James Jackman Picture
Principals Lori Heffelfinger and James Jackman

At the Heffelfinger company, we improve organizational performance through strategy, change, leader and team development.

We have an unwavering interest in helping good leaders become great and organizations to achieve what they thought impossible. We strive for and delight in the adventure of improving performance.

We get beneath the surface to find our clients and client organization’s greatest strengths and hidden obstacles to success.

• We have a track record of success and experience with Fortune 100, Middle Market companies and Professional Service firms.

• We have extensive experience in working with leaders in technology-based organizations, including engineering and IT leaders.

• Most, if not all of our consultants, have worked as leaders in these organizations and intimately understand the internal and external challenges facing our clients

• We are constantly engaged in self-development, so we are better equipped to help our clients on these journeys


• We believe that great leadership creates great organizations.

• We have a track record of success with Fortune 100, Mid-Market, Professional Services, and Public Sector organizations.

• We are authentic, straightforward, flexible, and passionate about our work and your results!

• We believe organizations can thrive when they unleash their untapped potential creating something that others cannot replicate.

Let’s work together and we’ll bring powerful, positive change to your organization.

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Testimonials For The Heffelfinger Company, Inc

  • Lori possesses impressive personal power utilized through exceptional listening skills, thoughtful questioning, and genuine care for people. She quickly assesses interpersonal situations and provides excellent feedback and assistance.

    VP – Large Aerospace Company
  • We were looking for a workshop to provide a shift in culture in our department. Lori and James provided an amazing experience with a Team Alignment Workshop for our team of six. We witnessed our team become more collaborative, more effective in communicating with each other, and more effective as an organizational system.

    Robin Doty, Sr Director
  • Lori’s greatest strength is that she reads a situation and personal dynamics extremely well…she thoughtfully and carefully acts on her perceptions to maximize the growth of others. We were recognized by the LA Business Journal for Best Place to Work in Los Angeles because of her work with our Principal Group.



  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Facilitation

    First, we assess your teams' effectiveness using the assessment profile. Then we work with you and your team to learn the five behaviors and we facilitate conversations within the team around their effective use of each of the behaviors.

    We check the teams' progress every four to six months to ensure adoptions of the behaviors and to coach the members as necessary to instill the behaviors into the team culture.

    To learn more about the Five Behaviors model in the context of a real team, view the video below.


    Introduction to The Five Behaviors
  • Leadership Academy

    We work with your Leadership team to bring the appropriate leadership skills training and thought leadership to your organization.

    See the attached document for more information on The Heffelfinger Company organizational level offerings and leadership programs.

  • Team Coaching

    We provide Team Coaching Programs for your Managers and Directors. See the attached document for more information on Team Coaching and other team offerings.