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Lisette Jones, leadership consultant & trainer

I understand some things may have broken down during the pandemic. Finding the right solutions can be difficult.

I've seen what transformation looks like. The difference is apparent with the positive effects you see in your people. This is why I am passionate about what I do. ​

Since 2014, I’ve provided training to over a hundred businesses. From clarifying the issues to creating actionable steps, my focus is always on building efficient results-driven relationships within your organization.​

It is about making a culture shift within your company. I'll help you transform your team into life long learners. To thrive you need to continue to learn which can be scary. I'll help you stay on top of it.

​Contact me today for a COMPLIMENTARY consultation, and find out more about how I can tailor my services to your needs.

An Introduction to The Five Behaviors Powered by Everything DiSC®


  • Productive teams

    The way we “team” is more complex than ever before.
    Whether we are collaborating in person, through screens, or a little of both, building a successful team can feel downright impossible. But what if it doesn’t have to feel that way?
    Through impactful virtual and classroom learning experiences that empower individuals
    through self-discovery and constructive behavioral modeling, The Five Behaviors® is the
    only team development solution that rewrites the traditional rules for teamwork to build
    stronger teams. Transforming the team dynamic from disengaged to “let’s do this!”
    The Five Behaviors Overview
    What Is The Five Behaviors®?
    Developed in Partnership with Patrick Lencioni, based on his international bestseller, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, The Five Behaviors® transforms teams through a powerful and approachable model that drive team effectiveness and productivity.

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