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About Us

WinShape Teams

Since 1991, we’ve been investing in teams and those who lead them. Our method of experiential learning creates a platform for teams to step out of their comfort zones and into a space where trust, authenticity, and growth can flourish.

We believe that a person’s value is in who they are, not what they do. In everything that we do, we make it our aim to empower individuals and teams to take steps toward healthy culture and community. To us, that is where purposes are accomplished, and people are fulfilled.


  • The Leaders Journey

    Make a Bet on Leaders

    Developing healthy and effective leaders is essential to developing healthy and effective teams.
    We are excited to introduce an update suite of content from Chick-fil-A's Vice President of High Performance Leadership, Mark Miller.
    Experience healthy and effective leadership development by traversing the Leader's Journey.

    We offer four programs to choose from: Lead Self, Lead Others, Lead Teams, Lead Organizations.

  • The Teams Journey

    Team with Confidence

    Healthy teams are where fulfilling work is done and meaningful relationships are built.
    A team is like a living organism, constantly growing and changing.
    The Teams Journey is designed to meet you at each stage in your team's life cycle and walk with you through developing, maintaining and maximizing your team.

    We offer four programs to choose from: Team Essentials, The Intelligent Team, The Cohesive Team, The High Performing Team.