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Dave Bates - Helping tune teams for results
Dave Bates - Helping tune teams for results

Wise Insights is a management consulting firm dedicated to helping business leaders tune their teams for the results they want. We collaborate to clarify your vision, align your teams, and communicate effectively in order to accelerate achievement of your goals.

We believe business leaders who have a clear vision and align their team will be more successful in achieving their goals than those who don't.

We've found that leaders often feel they're being clear but are struggling to meet their goals because their teams aren't delivering results fast enough.

We work with leaders to uncover and resolve issues that stand in the way of team alignment leading to stable, sustainable growth.

We do this with a blend of coaching techniques, consulting services, and a focus on improving communication skills.


  • The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team®, Behavioral Styles -based Assessment and Workshops

    What would your team look like if everyone trusted each other? Real trust - not just superficial "yeah, yeah, she's great" or "I like working with him". With an understanding of how individual people prefer to work, the team can move quickly to confidence that they're working together on work that matters.

    With the Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team® assessment, you can quantify trust, conflict, commitment, accountability, and results on your team. The helpful report sheds new light on your overall team's behavioral preferences and combines key feedback points for each of the Five Behaviors. We use the assessment as the cornerstone for an engaging workshop with the team.

    The assessment and workshop aren't just for teams in trouble either. Every team will benefit from continuous improvement. Whether you're looking to raise the bar or address known problems, this solution is just what you need to accelerate results!


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  • Situational Improv Workshops

    Situational Improve Workshops are flight simulators for your team to practice high risk communications. Leaders hold team members accountable. Project managers negotiate critical issues. Managers navigate complex legal and HR situations. The list goes on.

    The workshop instructor adjusts each scenario, in real-time, based on participant responses.  Our approach encourages “yes, and...” improvisational techniques that help participants learn to adapt and respond to he unexpected with mutual purpose.

    At the conclusion of each situation, the instructor guides a reflective discussion. Participants provide feedback to each other and the entire team will benefit from expertly facilitated shared insights.

    Our goal is to reinforce the work you’re already doing with your team. We’ll work closely with you to integrate your core values, practices, and goals into the existing workshop framework.  If needed, we’ll also provide customized scenarios designed to address your specific “hot spot