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Business Partners Warren Singleton and Steve Cerny
Business Partners: Warren Singleton and Steve Cerny

Steve Cerny and Warren Singleton have over twenty years experience working at the OEM and dealer levels to develop, launch and sustain a wide variety of variable and fixed operations initiatives. Our forward-thinking, dedication and commitment to excellence has been recognized and appreciated by our clients. We bring this level of service to every project we under take. Our mission is to provide real-world performance improvement services that yield measurable results in a manner that exceeds the expectations of our clients. Our success depends upon our ability to develop, implement and sustain meaningful training that is embraced by the end-users.


  • HR Solution

    Today's world of human resources can be cumbersome, daunting and intimidating for all organizations. HR activities are often left for an office manager to oversee and most managers have never been properly trained to conduct legally compliant interviews, new hire on-boarding and finally performance review activities. We have partnered with an organization that has developed and introduced a ground-breaking dealership-focused online HR process that offers the following:
    Helps dealers hire the right employees the first time thus reducing new hire expenses in the long run.
    Provides a variety of skills testing (per position) ensuring the perspective new hires have the skills necessary to perform the job.
    Provides current job descriptions for all the positions within a dealership.
    Provides a variety of background checks (i.e. DMV, drug, others)
    Provides position-specific interview guides and training for all managers.
    Legal compliance in today's HR world is not an option... it is requ

  • Continuous Improvement

    We have worked with a variety of OEMs to develop and implement training and process improvement events that served as a catalyst to continuous improvement. By utilizing our cross functional team methodology, we were able to get all departments working together to identify process improvement opportunities at the employee and customer touchpoints. Process re-designed is only successful when the whole team is involved.