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Lynn Yazbec
Trusted Consultant, Leadership Coach, Solution Provider

Navigating work and life as a senior leader is challenging and hectic. Maybe you're heading towards burnout but don't know how to avoid it. You might also wonder, "How will I reach my goals or grab that next brass ring when I'm so busy? Now, after 20 years in Corporate Leadership Development and Coaching, it's my goal to get you out of this space as quickly as possible and find a way to create long-term work-life integration. I can help you develop a plan to handle day-to-day challenges and improve your employees experience through personalized coaching and professional development options that fit your needs. We will work together to achieve your goals by starting with where you are, figuring out where you want to go and develop the path to get you there. By leveraging multiple tools, you will understand how your behavior impacts your ability to lead others, reach your goals and discover ways to improve your effectiveness. Using personalized assessments, your team will better understand their work priorities and mindsets, enabling them to improve their ability to collaborate and perform as a team. Through focused workshops and training, your team will build new ways of communicating, develop better relationships with team members and want to work together to improve their performance.